if pinhead and freedy got in a fight who would win?

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if pinhead and freedy got in a fight who would win?

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who do you think would win? me i personaly think pinhead.

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I supose at least one person has to be backing freddy! as for reaserching things i am glad i know about natural history rather than fucking make belive demons lol you know about fantasy made up bull shit, & i suspect you still dont know what the fuck you are actually talking about!

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I thought it would be oobvious to horror fans that freddy wqould loose, i mean i prefer freddy yes but he would get raped by pinhead lol freddy has weaknesses, not just fire but his combat isnt exactly amazing is it lol, freddy couldnt even beat jason let alone pinhead and gets his ass kicked by children on many occasions lol, and clownz makes a brilliant point .... pinhead wouldnt be asleep really i dont think but hey im not an expert in fictional shit :) im just judging this from what i have seen in the movies and from what iv seen freddy can only kill children when they are sleeping where as pin head just fucks everyone up and is a higher demon is he not?

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I mentioned this years ago in a discussion. I assumed that Pinhead being a powerful demon can travel to the Dream World. If you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Pinhead and his demon bounty hunters travels to the dream world to get Freddy, but Freddy wont go without a fight.

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I don't know who this Freedy fellow is, but if we were talking about someone like Freddy then I might be able to come up with an idea.

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Do you even have 2 ask? It's Pinhead...Hands down! If u think Freddy looks bad now just wait until P.H gets ahold of his sorry ass!

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Personally i think freddy, but thats just because i like his movies better. but someone said in this jason beat freddy which isnt true, theyre both immortal... freddy was never really beat. plus whenever he is beat always returns like every legendary horror killer. plus someone said he has fire as a weakness which was totally made up if u ask me. because in freddy vs jason they also made jason afraid of water which is bull. jason is a great swimmer and is better in the water. HE SWAM TO MANHATTAN!

nobody would win it would be a tie. but yea. freddy's the shit..


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