hachet 2

hachet 2

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i just have to say it is as gorey as the first, all the same actors and actresses are in it, isn't definitly worth watching.

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Sad to hear that it kind of sucks, coming from a credible source like HF. I really liked the first one as well. I'll still have to check it out for myself, but I'll probably wait until it's on Fearnet lol.

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HF hit up on some of the problems with this movie. The kills were a bit over the top. But that wasn't the only problem this movie had. 1 is Danielle Harris. Sad to say because I'm in love with her (lol) but her cajun accent is just horrible at times. 2 there is no comic relief. While in the first one that was one of it's strongest points. It made you laugh while it was getting the story and mythos out of the way so it didn't feel like an extremely preachy movie. Now the sequel comes and it feels like a preachy movie. I thought sequals were for the fans who had to sit through the story in the first one, so the second one is for the atmosphere and the body count! And the kills aren't spaced out enough. I think there may be more kills in this, but he takes them out 2 at a time. Don't get me wrong, I didn't hate this movie. Just a bit dissapointed because to me it felt inferior to the last film.


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