why christmas is evil

why christmas is evil

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I might want to post a story here. It depends if there's any interest. here's a hint what it's about: why christmas is evil.

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The only reason for  Christmas being evil is because everyone forgets about the fact it is about Jesus Christ Birth. And humanity has commercialized the day for MONEYS sake. And we all know that the root to ALL evil is MONEY. Now with that being said if you are a christian scholar then you already know that Jesus was not born on December 25th. So why do we celebrate it as his birthdate. Hello, if the government is going  to profit on such an outrigheous lie why not the church as well.

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Money isn't the root of all evil. The bible states that 'The LOVE of money is the root of all evil.'


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I appologize for having miss spoken about money being the root to all evil. The love of money is the root to all evil is the correct statement. And back to my statement about commercialism, because these companies LOVE money, and they do what they do to get as much of it as possible still makes my statement true  to the cause..

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You know, I think I'll just post waht I wrote on another message board--A Flame in the Dark, which is about Christian Horror--and see what response I'll get.


There's a woman I kow whom I met on Sabbath Keeper's forum. I made the mistake of emailing to wish her a merry Christmas. It turns out she believes Christmas is Satanic becuase of the pagan elements. I tried then to debate with her in frienndly manner. When that happened, she became angry and began tell me how I was decieved and deluded, and how it seemed like I hadn't read the Bible. I wrote back telling me, that, indeed, most of my Bible knowledge comes from the New Testement. Not that much ,embarrassingly, of the Old. She said she was sorry, but that in situations like this, she just is irritated and wants to tell people to "wake up! Look at the danger ahead!!" Everyone is enamored with the pretty lights and songs, and it's as if (to her) they're heading for a waterfall.


I don't know. She just kind of poured boiling pitch on my holidays this year.


It also got me to thinking. What if she's actually right? I thought about writing a story based on the idea that a seemingly extreme idea like hers might actually turn out to be correct. Not becuase I agree with her--but based on the fear itself. The idea of the Christmas celebration as a Satanic construct is really disturbing when you think about it. This lady is living a real-life horror story in a way, with those of us who celbrate Christmas as the victims who simply can't see the plain Truth. Ever felt like shouting to the victims in a horror movie to look out for the killer, or don't investigate that strange noise? Well that's how she feels.


I'd been reading lately about how a lot of horror tales are based on fear that that established order might be correct. This is why most horror is inherently , and sometimes even unintentially conservative. It fears festival, carnival, and revelry and tends to support and Puritanistic moral code.


For example, is anyone familiar with the movie Halloween III: Season of the Witch. This movie is not "Christian," at all, or even religion-based as that term is generally understood. And yet if you set out to make a movie with the message that Halloween really is "Devil's Night" and should not be celebrated, and certainly not made into a night of frivolity aimed at children, this could not make the message more plain. Since I don't want to reiterate the entire plot of Halloween III, here is a link:








Ok, three links. The key here is that that villain, Conal Cochran, is an evil Irish sorcerer who knows the 'truth" of Halloween--actually the Celtic festival of Samhain before it was Christianized into All Saint's Day. Cochran's goal is to perform a mass sacrifice to the Old gods, and bring about the end of Halloween as a night of revelry.  And at the end of the film,  he apparently succeeeds. He targets children becuase they're the most vulnerable and the "easiest prey," as he tells Dr. Dan Challis.  I read the novelization by Dennis Ethicson years ago.


Now apply the same concept to Christmas, and you'll see what I mean....

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