What is your favorite line and/or quote from a horror movie?How many do you have?

What is your favorite line and/or quote from a horror movie?How many do you have?

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Ok...I have 3 for now : Did you see what she did,your cunting daughter!.."The Exorcist". He bares a birth mark! A sequence of sixes ! If it is not visible on the body it is beneath the hair...remove it!..."The Omen". she doesn't say she's a demon. She says she's the devil himself!..."The Exorcist". How many do you have!

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Monsters? They looked like monsters to you?

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I have WAY too many to narrow it down to just one-A lot of Freddy's lines are good, I quote them often. One of the lines i've used repeatedly on people is from the first 'Hellraiser', said by Pinhead..'We have such sights to show you!' My friends and I quote way too many horror and movie lines in general to choose a specific one. (It's because we don't have lives!)


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They're us, We're them,& they're us-Barbara-Night of the Livind Dead

We all go a little mad sometimes, Don't you?-Norman Bates-Psycho

My families always been in meat-The Hitchiker-Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Kirsty Cotton-You Can go to Hell 

Female cenobite-We can't, Not alone- Hellraiser    

You got Red on you-Shaun of the dead                                                                        

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"I am the devil and I'm here to do the devil's work"- Otis (The Devil's Rejects)

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"Dog will hunt" ~ Massacre II

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I have a great one! Whenever I do something stupid or something goes wrong, I use that line from 'Creepshow' uttered by Stephen King-'Oh, Jordy-you LUNKhead!' Or 'Verill luck is always in-always bad!' I also say 'The Verill luck is always in an' you spell that kinda luck b-a-d!' I love that movie! On Father's Day, I sent a text message to my friend saying-'It's Father's Day! Where's my CAKE Bedelia!?'


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This is my BOOMsTICK!!!...Army Of Darkness

I kick ass for the LORD!!!...Dead Alive

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"wait a second ,let me get this straight.Are you telling me,we moved to the murder capital of the world?Are you serious, Grandpa?"        "Well now,let me put it this way.If all the corpes buried around here was to stand up all at once, thed have one hell of a population problem!"The Lost Boys.                 "Hey will you keep it down, Im trying to do drugs!" or "what do you do?" "im into murders and executions mostly."American Psycho.                                                                                               "Hello baby...Im gonna eat your brains and gain your knowledge."Planet Terror.                                                                 

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HellRaiser: Your Suffering Will Be Legendary Even In Hell.


i think that is the best line ever.

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Instantly I knew the answer to this question:


Hellraiser 2 when the psychiatrist is turned into a cenobot(?) and after watching his head being drilled into and his face cut up with wires, etc. he says, "And to think..... I hesitated".  That was one of the best lines I ever heard in a horror movie.


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