Funky Low Budget Zombie Flick

Funky Low Budget Zombie Flick

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Has anyone ever seen "Dead Alive"-  its a wacky, corny, funny, gory and unique zombie movie-  if you enjoy zombie movies , you have to see it !  Its got to be at least 20 or more years old- but i just saw it like a week or 2 ago on either the Chiller Channel or Fear Net.  I loved it !!!

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i gotta say that from what i remember of the movie i loved it,  i do have a soft spot for the cheesy. and as a kid this was one i absolutely had to see, made my family we all like a good horror flick but myself and my oldest nephew and my cousin (rest in peices i miss u) were the ones who truly found even the most cheesy movie had its good qualities.


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