Good Asian Horror

Good Asian Horror

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Does anyone know of some prime gorey (but with great back bone of a story) asian horror to see? I watch horror movies alot but never seem to get anywhere in finding asian horrors,


Bloody Thanks,

Little Miss

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Not sure what you've seen, but two of my favorites are Audition and Infection. Ichi the Killer is a good one too - not exactly a horror film but pretty brutal.

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Check out Flowers of Flesh and Blood from the Guinea Pig series, or From Masters of Horror there is Imprint. Both kool flicks in there own ways.

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a really good one will have to be ju-on (the grudge) the american isnt worth a damn but the japanese version is way better and another one would be the japanese version of the ring, that ones pretty good too.

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i concur with  doe, watch audition if you have not already done so

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Do you know what an 'Oxymoron' is? It's 2 words (or 3) put together that contradict each other. ('Freezer Burn'-'Business Ethics' etc.) Well, that's what 'Good Asian Horror' is-an oxymoron. Words that contradict each other. There's NO such thing as 'Good Asian Horror'. The term makes no sense.

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I may be leaping to a conclusion, but Dream House is looking good.  IFC will be distribuitng this soon I think (may? umm, look it up yourself, I am being lazy)


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Are you talking about actuall asian films, or are you judging them on their (usually) subpar american remakes?

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Good question, admin. I guess it's a matter of both. I've seen some original asian 'thriller' movies and never cared much for them. It seems the only horror in asian films concerns ghosts and spirits. So if you've seen one of them, you've seen ALL of them. You know what the cause of the horror is going to be, so there's no surprise, ever. The sub-par american re-makes follow in that tradition. I don't hate asian movies as a whole, i've seen some rather excellent dramas and other genres, I just think their 'horror' genre needs some shaking up-bring in some werewolves, or zombies, or mummies or something. I've tried to watch what passes for horror in asian films, but they're always the same. Same plot with the same tired old ghost story.  


I agree with you 100% Spook. Most of the films deal with a Harionago (see blog) or as the clever and sexy Lady Buff caracterizes the movies "about messy chicks with wet hair". They are always the same ol same. It seems that a lot of Asian culture "teaches" or concerns a fear of ghosts and thats all they ever do, or torture porn. Neither to me is scary so I am def not impressed with Asian horror, its the same old same. I dont see any horror icons in cinema history that come from these flicks. I HAVE seen some well CRAFTED stories but again, ultimately, see the good one or two and you have seen them all.

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Infection and Destruction Eve not about ghosts

Spiral about an old god, as well as one about a fox

a few movies about curses i haven't seen for years

There were two Demon movies i can't recall the name of

these were all at least great movies, just off the top of my head. do a search for asian horror movies, i found all kinds - one called Human Pork Chop sound interesting

the last 10 or so Japanese movies that have been remade are hardly all there is


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