Greetings from Necon E-books!

Greetings from Necon E-books!

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Just a quick shout on behalf of the whole Necon E-books crew:

I want to introduce us to the web community. We're an E-book publishing company that grew out of the 30-years-strong Necon Convention, founded by our publisher, Bob Booth. Our fearless leader, along with his fearless cohorts, believes, "Necon E-Books is committed to ensuring that the very best titles of the horror genre -- both classics from 'The Golden Age of Horror' and new titles which lack a mass market push -- don't get left behind in the digital revolution."

We'd love for everyone to check out our site and the great titles we have to offer by authors like Christopher Golden, Ramsey Campbell, Thomas Tessier, Elizabeth Massie, Tom Monteleone, Rick Hautala, John Coyne, P.D. Cacek, Matt Costello, and Paul DiFilippo. Many more authors and their titles are on the way!

In fact, we'll be making a big announcement about one such author this week and putting up several more titles this coming month.

Also, please take some time to check out our latest Flash Fiction contest.  We value our contest because it helps us to identify and foster new talent, which is a vital part of Necon and, by extension, Necon E-books.

I'm Kelli Jones, Art Director and Illustrator for Necon E-books, and I'm looking forward to getting better acquainted with the web community.

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Hmmmm?Who is the web community?

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