Serial Killers

Serial Killers

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All this week on Chiller (I think?) they are having a diff movie about serial killers last night they had the BTK on so check it out if interested

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I'm very knowledgable in serial killer studies and am very picky about accuracy. Therefore, I can recommend some good movies about serial killers if anyone is interested:

1-Dahmer ( a highly compassionate, artistic portrayal of the Milwaukee cannibal)

2-Gacy ( a good window into the deeply disturbed mind of America's #1 killer clown)

3-Henry Portrait of a Serial Killer (while not fully accurate, this doesn't matter and the vibration that this film excudes is both disturbing, voyueristic, and seductive)

4-Albert Fish (a fabulously vulnerable documentary, complete with gory reinactments and brilliant interviews; it attempts to reveal the explanation behind this child-eating, masochistic murderer)

Renner is very convincing in the role of Jeffrey Dahmer, the reluctant and alcoholic necrophiliac.




I have a blog on Albert Fish called THE REAL BOOGEYMAN as he was referred to by a child. Sick bastard but I think Giles DeRais was probably the worst. Also blogged his nasty ass (WORST SERIAL KILLER).

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Pedro Rodrigues Filho (born 1954) is a Brazilian serial killer. Nicknamed Pedrinho Matador (Little Peter the Killer), in 2003 he was convicted of murdering 71 people and sentenced to 128 years in prison. He has claimed over 100 victims, 40 of them prison inmates. He also killed his father.vote4pedro 

what's make's a serial killer interesting isn't only their #'s but their methods at killingthinkncapStabbing.gif





Tongue out

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'Serial Killer' Pig Farmer Robert Pickton Guilty Of Murder

8:20am UK, Monday December 10, 2007

A 58-year-old Canadian pig farmer is facing life in prison after being convicted of murdering six women - a fraction of the total number he is thought to have killed.


180 robert pickton pig farm serial killer canada

Police search Pickton's farm in 2002


Robert "Willie" Pickton was given an automatic life sentence when a jury in British Columbia found him guilty of murder.

He still faces murder charges for the deaths of 20 more women, most of them prostitutes and drug addicts from a seedy Vancouver neighborhood.

If convicted on all those charges, he would become Canada's most prolific serial killer.

Police are still investigating the cases of almost 40 other missing women.

The remains of the six women he was convicted of killing were found on Pickton's farm, but he denied he was responsible for their deaths.

Pickton listened to the verdict with his head bowed and later smirked at one point. He had been charged with first-degree murder in the six killings, but the jury convicted him on a lesser charge of second-degree murder, which means they did not believe the killings were planned.

Two sisters of victim Georgina Papin screamed "No!" when the jury foreman first got up and said "not guilty" on first-degree murder. But they later said they were pleased he was convicted on the second-degree charge.

Two jurors, both women, wiped tears from their eyes while the verdicts were read. The jury foreman glared at Pickton as the verdicts were read back by a court official.

During his trial, a prosecution witness, Andrew Bellwood, said Pickton told him how he strangled his victims and fed their remains to his pigs.

Health officials once issued a tainted meat warning to neighbours who might have bought pork from Pickton's farm, concerned the meat might have contained human remains.

The jury of seven men and five women took 10 days to reach a verdict.

Pickton was convicted of murdering Mona Wilson, Sereena Abotsway, Marnie Frey, Brenda Wolfe, Andrea Joesbury as well as Papin.

The victims all came from Vancouver's Eastside quarter, considered the worst ghetto in Canada.

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I read the profile and case on this guy and it's really horrible.

He also has a brother that the police need to look at.

Unfortunately, most of the victims were prostitutes and that's why this case was fucked up for years.

The victims were reported as missing but the police didn't investigate them as missing for months and even years. Kind of like the Green River Killer when you compare the two.

Because they were prostitutes, the police figured that the missing women just left the area. That is, until they started finding the bodies.


Streetwalkers are by nature an elusive breed. Many begin as adolescent runaways and never lose the habit of evasion, changing names and addresses so often that investigators have no realistic hope of tracking a specific prostitute for any length of time. When hookers vanish--as opposed to being slain and left in garbage dumpsters or motel rooms, in canals and vacant lots--no one can say with any certainty if they have disappeared by choice or through foul play. And too often, no-one cares.

You want to read more on this then go to this link:


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I just got done reading an A-Z book on serial killers.  My all time favorite killer is Dennis Rader (BTK killer).  No remorse, taunting the press, perverted, all while living another life that was completely normal.

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How About:






The Bender Family

Green River

The lipstick killer

There are a whole bundle of the buggers and I've only read the profiles of a select few. Personally I have to say as far as favorite killer and movie based on the killing I cast my vote for Gerty and An American Crime, maybe she did only kill one girl, but how she killed her makes her the most evil person I've heard of.


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