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well i just watched this movie and i can honestly say why. it was a frig in love story for god sakes if i wanted that i would have watched blue lagoon this movie was not what i thought . so out of 5 stars i would give a 2 just because i put me to sleep the first time i tried to watch it. so if any of you fear neters take a chance on MONSTERS good luck and lady's if you would like a love story well this might be one for you ...

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You aint wrong. It got a TON of hype on EVERY horror movie site and its nothing but TRIPE. It isnt even a love story worth a shit anyway. And the stupid giant octopus monsters. . . . . . REALLY? Yeah bud, the flick was a steaming pile of shit. Great trailers, great premise, bunch of asswipes.

P.S. Reviewers should be ASHAMED. This was one of those flicks that convinced me NEVER to give a shit what horror reviewers write.

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