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Let Me In

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I just watched the new Hammer version of Let Me In..I read Let the Right One In on line and then have seen the dubbed movie at least 4 times now and been I'm not a big fan of remakes and redo's I was really surprized how much I enjoyed Hammer's version..I wish I had read the book first before seing either of the movies..but me being able to get through a book is a whole nother topic in itself..well I thought Elli/Abby looked a lot better as the Vampire in Hammers version..loved them eyes..Oskar/Owen both played and did their parts well..The stuff that was left out of the new one I didn't miss it not being there the Hammer story line kept me interested the whole way through.so anyways if ya haven't seen the new or the the orignal..ya just got to take the time and see em for yourself..as always "to each their own"...and Peace

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I agree that HAMMER did a decent job with their version. Seemed less culturally odd for those of us not quite so international, if you know what I mean. The behavior is different in some cultures. I liked them both. Didnt seem so much a REMAKE as a DIFFERENT VERSION. The diff being that it was more like hearing a story told by two different people, similiar but colored by that persons personality or background. Again, I dont fixate myself with being such a "fan" of something in the entertainment media, that I refuse to judge something objectively. They were both good and had their own LITTLE points of difference.

BUT.  . . . . . .  I hope HAMMER starts playing a better game than they have. THE RESIDENT was mediocre, like the "B" side of a horror double feature back in the day. NOT bad but NOT FIRST RATE. Hammer was a PROLIFIC studio. If they could be so again it would eliminate these nasty horror dry spells but not the way they are going now and not in this global economy.

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