the walking dead

the walking dead

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I really enjoy the walking dead. Its a break from all the vampires & werewolves.

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I can't wait to see what happens during its second season this fall

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Too bad we have to wait until Fall! I got the season 1 DVD, and most of the stuff on it can be watched free on the website :{  I agree about the vampire stuff. They want to romanticize it WAY too much!! You never see them feed, and they act like only the bad ones kill anything. What do they do,raid blood banks?! Bring back the primal,animalistic vampires! TWD premiered on my birthday, and I've been addicted ever since...

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I love it.  I was hoping it would continue.

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does anyone have a clue if they are going to have a second season??? I LOVE THE SERIES AND IF IT DOES NOT  COME BACK I WILL CAMP OUT IN THE CEMETARY UNTIL IT DOES.  DREW4U

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The Walking Dead will be back & they have a contest on their site to win the 1st season on DVD. I enter a lot of contest. Love winning stuff-it is fun. It's a guilty pleasure of mine.  Anyway the zombies look great on the series-just hope they step up the action a little more.


THE WALKING DEAD wont be back till frikken HALLOWEEN, 2011. Asswipes. Stephen King and Joe Hill want to collaborate on an episode or two. King def wants in.

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That series is amazing. Acting, special effects the realness of this series was refreshing. When Season 1 came out on DVD, I bought it. That's one show I'll never tire of. Bitch about it is we have to wait til Halloween for Season 2 Yell

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I was a bit sceptical at about the show because I was thinkning to myself " how in the worls can you make a show about an zombie apocolypse? Zombies rule the world and survivors dwindle down in numbers and then there will be no living people left in the world leaving the zombies to eat one another". It was untill that I actually watched thew show that I realized how friggin bloody wicked awsoem it is!



Well, a simple fact that no one thinks through, is that a "zombie apocalypse" cant happen and is self defeating for an obvious reason. In every flick, a bunch of zombies attack you cause they cant help it, THEY ARE RAVENOUS. YEAH. . . . . . . . . . . SO ?????. . . . . . . .

There should be nothing left that can move much less attack another human being.

When Im hungry, and I eat an ENTIRE frikken chicken, YEAH, THEY ARE THAT GOOD, I DARE dem fookin bones to get up and do a jig, much less go zombifying off to eat someone. There is nothing left! At least nothing that can MOVE. SO. . . . . . . . just like that zombie in the grass in THE WALKING DEAD, that the sheriff felt pity for and went back to kill, they would be near useless piles of bones. The ONLY way for the movie versions to happen is IF THE ZOMBIES got FULL and didnt finish what they were tearing apart and THAT makes NO SENSE. Its supposed to be an unthinking eating, destroying, zombie. . . . . which is self defeating. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

C'MON ! ! ! Get the fook UP, BITCH ! !

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Yeah, yeah, yeah, zombies are the bomb... But I want to see a werewolf show, no romance the monsters they should be. Bring back Werewolf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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