horror authors

horror authors

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there r so many 2 chose from. I used like stephen king but he's gotten mega weird since the accident. I really enjoy john saul, p.c cast, anne rice, rick riordan

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Among some of my favorites:


Richard Laymon--great if you like spare prose, a lot of action and gore, and 70s- and 80s-style slasher scenarios. Check out The Traveling Vampire Show and The Cellar for starters.


If you dig Anne Rice, try Poppy Brite and Sephera Giron, too. Similarly dark and gothic, excellent writing.


King's definitely veered off on a different path since his accident, but he's still got that old-grandpa-sentimentality. Jump back in with Full Dark, No Stars.

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My all time favorite has got to be Ambrose Bierce. He might be a little to "old timey" for some people so I've listed a few others that have caught my attention over the years.

Jerzey Kazinzki The Painted Bird [nothing short of jaw-dropping]

Ramsey Cambel

Dennis Etchison

R.L. Rafferty

J.G Ballard

Algernon Blackwood

Brian Hodge

Arthur Machen

Mildred Klingerman

Edward D. Hoch

William S. Burroughs

Richard Adams

       There are literally HUNDREDS more.      

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My favorite writer of all time is Ray Bradbury. Ambrose Bierce is arguably the father of the "point of view character was actually dead the whole time" ending with his short story "Occurance at Owl Creek Bridge" , and of course the master HP Lovecraft

There's Also:

Richard Matheson, Clive Barker, Rudyard Kipling, HG Wells, Fritz Leiber, Neil Gaiman, Brian Lumley, Graham Masterson, Brian McNaughton, Robert Bloch, Nathaniel Hawthorne, William F Nolan, Robert Sheckley, Elizabeth Morton, Outsuichi, and of course Edgar Allan Poe



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Yep all good!

Niel Giaman is pretty fantastic too


Brian Lumley - THE NECROSCOPE (series)


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again HF u read my mind however in this instance i have yet to see a mention of lovecraft. yes he was racist and masogonistic... but his pure feeling of DREAD and the humanity in even the most demonic characters ..brilliance.. as well as the lack of humanity in the same instances, but the beauty in his storytelling was what he left out not what he filled in.... and someday.. perhaps.. my name will be on this list :).......


You should DEF finish the NECROSCOPE series. He has an unusual ending for it. LOVE the series and have read ALL that involve the Necroscope as some are the Lost Years, some are short stories and some revolve around other characters dealing with the Wamphyri.  I try to get whatever I can in Hardcover to keep em. I DO think he regrets finishing off the series due to the fan base which LOVES the character of Harry Keogh. I just love the Wamphyri.WAMPHYRI FURY


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i agree wholeheartedly, the whanpyri rock, i have read some of the lost years, the bloowars trilogy, not alot in the short stuff yet, and the newer stuff with the jake character, as well as the touch.. anytime i run across his stuff i pick it up i cant afford the hardback most of the time, but i keep books like other people keep  jars of pennies..lol im the same way with movies...



I hear ya. You know there IS a movie on the horizon. He mentions it on his website but there seems to be no progress. Probably a question of rights. Most studios want to PERMANENTLY steal authors ideas/characters so they dont constantly have to pay royalties or worry if the author doesnt agree with what they are doing with the story. Lumley has a nice website. I only go there once in a blue.

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havent been to his site in a while.. guess its time i checked back in..lol


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