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He said when I close my eyes
I'm taken back to that day in 1955
Lucky I'm still alive
It seems only yesterday
That God took my angel away
and left me here to stay
You see son I had one too many drinks
To even remember how to think
We were going down that road
Listening to the radio
Next thing I know I heard her scream
A car pulled in front of us
I tried to slam on the brakes
But it was too late
She was killed instantly
And I was pretty banged up
But I was still alert
I remember seeing her limp body there
So I screamed out her name
Hoping and praying she'll wake up
When I got no response I knew
That I lost the one thing that meant
The world and all to me
I can't help but think
Would she still be here 
if I didn't have that last drink

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Red Ribbon Week, much?! You should consider submitting this to a highschool or something. It's poignant enough that the message is sent out clearly but not so contrived that it gets boring.

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