Take It, From One Whom Knows

Take It, From One Whom Knows

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The Hardships imposed by Authoritarian scopes.

Weighed with heavy abscess of thoughts.

But, an obiter-dictum of Loose terms.

Casual, illustrative perephrasis.

Coupled with Idioms, Passed by the idiot.

Whose interpretation, Is indication.

That the mode of thought,

Was, just then ill-fought.

Vigor, Vitality.  None the Less.


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::bows:: Thank you, thank you. I have been needing a reason to use that one. Laughing

Why do so many people stir the shit!? Dont they know it stinks around here when they do that!! Let it alone, and then we all dont have to walk around this joint holding our noses. 


Thanks rift. Yeah, whoever it is has only a "whopping" 14 posts. Nothing like having a moron join a social site just to put down people who join a site. Always love it when a member of the "master race" comes down from on high to pontificate to us knuckle draggers. AND obviously, he isnt the only one.END OF THE LINE

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yeah only a few post....but what seems like a HUGE waste of time is that dude uploaded like 500 pics...jk...but it was a SHITLOAD!! oh well

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Idiots chasing the wind.

All of you realize the board was, was supposed to be designed for discussions.

Not Pitching a Royal Bitch.

Butt, there you go...

F' all of ya'.


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wow, you brought out the mean anyways i see

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Theres a spot in my heart for cows, theres also a spot in my heart for steak, I think sex is awesome but dosent seem to know how sprits rome in our mind.

"That stament makes sense and if you don't understand it than your all dumb!!!"

Does that sound like someone here??

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