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i watched the movie "TEETH" yesterday.  I really liked it. Without giving away the whole plot,  I will just say that it is about this girl who has a very strange "anomaly" in her "private part".  It was really cool and painful to watch at the same time-  All I have to say is "VAGINA DENTADA"-  LOL !!

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lol...dentata.... i heard about this movie a long time ago but havent gotten around to watching it..so if its recommended by ZG i have to give it a try...thx!

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Have it on netflix for about a year, didn't watch it yet.

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RIFT-  You must forgive my spelling of denata- or however u spell it-  I dont know any Latin- LOL

ZM-  watch it.

To the both of you-  I suggest you prepare yourselves b4 u watch this movie-  I was very uncomfortable watching it as a woman-  And as a man-  You guys are definitely going to CRINGE !!  But I highly recommend it.

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i think thats how u spell it i just thought it was funny...it painted a crazy picture...

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How does the word dentada paint a funny picture for you?  I dont get it-  let me in on the joke please Tongue out


SO. . . . . . . .  ZBG MAKES the joke but brother rift has to explain it to her ! I L O V E all you goofies on this site, lmao, and include myself as a "goofy" bastard, lol. I ENJOYED the movie but other than the obvious theme and a scene, have forgotten it. Dont know if I will see it again. I DO believe these guys got the idea from an OLD 70'S PORN FLICK. Cant EXACTLY remember the name, I think it was "TALK DIRTY TO ME", in which the female apparatus developed the power of speech and a mind of its own. Amusing at the time.


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being a guy and u sayting vagina dentata...thats the last thing i wanna hear... just made me think wow what if something like this could happen...and about the poor souls she came across...not funny i guess just crazy...dodnt mean to sound like i was making fun of u or anything...and about making u cringe.... i had the same feeling when i watched i spit on ur grave...

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and here is what her "vagina dentada" looks like, you may have to tilt your head down for maximum impact lol!!!



LOL. THAT is one ugly pair of TOOFUS !

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There is also a book called Love in Vein, which is a collection of short stories. One of the stories titled, And the Horses Hiss at Midnight, is about a female side show freak who has a vampiristic vagina. But if memory serves me right, it doesnt do the same kind of damage as in Teeth. 


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