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I was looking forward to seeing the FN movie -  ZOMBIES OF MASS DESTRUCTION for quite a while.  It has been advertised for a long time now, and every time it was supposed to be on, they played a different movie in its place.  Well, I finally watched it.  I was sooooo FOOKIN DISAPPOINTED !!!!!  The title alone sounds awesome-  like a real kick-ass, bad-ass movie with lots of gore, blood splatter, cool killings- etc.-  I was so disappointed.  It was kind of like a comedy/WANNA BE  zombie movie.  There is a zombie movie  called DEAD ALIVE that was basically a comedy/zombie movie-  but that was very entertaining, and had LOTS OF GORE, BLOOD, AND COOL WAYS THAT THE ZOMBIES WERE KILLED. 

So i say do not waste your time watching it- I give it 1 skull and that is only because it had 2 cool killings-  One guy got his face ripped/eaten off by a zombie and another guy sliced half way through a zombie's neck and then twisted his head off and threw it.  it was cool.  Also, the zombies in this movie staggered and walked slowly-  which is rare these days- most of the newer zombies run.  As a zombie freak, i think that zombies were meant to walk slowly.

RATING :                     skull in red background.jpg



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well thanks for the heads up there appreciate that, i was thinking about finishing it, i watched about 10 minutes of it then got distracted came back and left the page lmao  guess you answered that thought 4 me, sucks title does sound like it would be a good movie but a rating of 1 from a zombiegirl tells it allCool

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When you said you saw ZMD advertised are you talking about on Verizon?  I had one other complaint about that and it sounded like they were talking about the Verizon channel, which we did find out that an update to our programming schedule did not get implemented properly.  To avoid any confusion this schedule should always be correct


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eh i finally said screw it and finished it wasn't to bad if you can get past the relationship thing thats all i'll say about that lmao, had some good laughs and gore in it not to bad but not to good either.. Surprised figured i'd start seeing everything instead of assuming people are good judges at horror lol addlol.jpg

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This movie was awful!!  Need some good scary movies on FEARNET!!  Come on!!

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The movie was on the FEARNET CHANNEL- But I have VERIZON FIOS AS MY CABLE CARRIER.  Thanks for the info on scheduling - 

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for those that have our "HD" channel you can view the prgramming http://www.fearnet.com/schedule.html


Never cared for DEAD ALIVE, I think I will pass on this one thanks.

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I saw most of it this summer when I was in England! What a waste of my time it was complete shit!

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Sometimes horror and comedy mix like sketti and meatballs, or fetus' and semen. But this movie was a complete miss. The action was poop, and charactor development blew... Total let down. Good zombie movie next time plox.

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