Dream Home

Dream Home

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Has anyone out there seen "Dream Home"?

Pretty good, really. I know this sounds very American of me, but I think I missed out on some of the super cool cinimatography because I was busy reading subtitles. Man, those Cantonese speak fast. Anyway, I personally don't care for most Asian horror films, to much hype, not enough story...etc,etc, but Dream Home is worth checking out.

 The story centers on Sheung, a young woman trying to land an expensive high rise apartment in Hong Kong. Its interesting to see that the economic troubles in China are identical to the ones here in America. If there's one gripe about "Dream Home" it's that it's so heavy handed with it's politics. To paraphrase Stephen King, I like my stories without billboards.

  All that aside, the film has some very disturbing scenes [only the most stout hearted pregnant woman should watch it] during the first half. The action is interspliced with flashbacks of Sheungs childhood and early twenties. At first you feel sympathy for Sheung...she's really just trying to provide for her family, then there is a crucial moment in one of the flashbacks...and then shit gets weird. Maybe alittle to weird. Almost funny. [Actually, one part is so absurd, I almost peed my pants laughing].

 With so many crappy horror films being made, It's refreshing to see a good one, even if it is Made In China.

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I didnt like the movie at all. ABSURD is the perfect description for the whole flick. LOL. People go through a lot worse than THIS woman did without the need to kill the world for an apartment. Fairly ridiculous and a few of the kills were sheer luck and desperation. Not to mention that almost all the murders are in the same building and police dont seem to take action, find the dead security guy, reinstitute security measures.

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I haven't watched this one yet but I've heard pro's and cons, (enough to make me curious).  I've seen so many bad horror movies that I think I'd give just about anything a shot, once.  I've had it on my netflix list but it will probably take me a year to get it seeing as I've got over 500+ movies wait-listed. Good review though.  Makes me interested even though tastes differ. 

I can't wait for the day though when the Asian horror movies start getting down and dirty with animatronic monsters and not compu animation rip-off special effects.  The pale girl with black eyes and long hair is an over-used concept.  Is there a lot of that in this movie? 


No Spooky, no Harionago. This is a real person, serial killer type slasher movie. I long ago tired of the messy chick with wet hair ghosts.

You SHOULD check out the Korean GEM called I SAW THE DEVIL. Excellent slasher flick with a twist.

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Yes, I can't wait for "I saw the Devil."  I added that to my list about a week ago but Netflix again didn't have it ready to be released here yet, the last I checked. But hopefully I'll see it real soon!

OMG what is up with the "wet hair" and meowing ghosts?  Aren't the Asians tired of that stuff too?  They have so much make-up and special effects technology, why not use it?

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