"Infection" and it's unexpectancy towards me

"Infection" and it's unexpectancy towards me

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Typically, I expect terrible acting, odd shots, and wierd script with an uneasy rise in Japanese based movies, but this one threw me off. They actually (and I don't know if they even notcied) put some classic Playstation Generation Resident Evil Angles. The lighting for..well, throughout the film was well planned and kept a great feel. The soundtrack, could have been amped up just a little in my opinion, but they knew what they were doing. As far as the acting goes, it was WAY better than I thought.

I used to take Japanese class in High School, and the web series, short films, and big movies we were shown had just absolutely silly - Non-accounted for aspects that annoyed me. Yes they were old-ish media productions, but I dreaded how they were handled.

They had believable expressions, emotions, movements, and at the most-suspenseful interactions it was kept at its peak. Oh and listening to it via headphones adds to it value. I would reccomend not just watching with friends and on your laptop..but geeting a surround sound system, turning the lights off, opening your closet door, cracking your window and turning the volume up with the audience silent.

I've recently joined FearNet, but I already know most of the pros and cons of how to handle myself on here. If its exgerated in your opinion, forgive me, but any Media I watch, I take it to the heart and ears. Horro is no exception.


Try imagining some Rob Zombie, or Hans Zimmer mixed with the soundtrac by the way. haha

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I agree with you. I've read some negative opinions here about Infection, but I liked it. The characters really provided suspense through their emotions, and that's often hard for me to pick up from foriegn films.

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i liked it too...i didnt really read any of the comments but i thought it was decent...

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Yeah, its Detail was what mostly threw me off. The fact that it said it was a foriegn film made me judge pretty quick, but I took the time to watch it through and was convinced haha. Personal opinion always helps. In a sense, it lets the core factors of foriegn films dramatically. I think they fuel it, unless you catch New York Times, or Ebert & Ruber, etc. giving their usuals. Interesting how much potential it has.

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Ya, it was a an entertaining movie. I liked the part where the nurse was sticking all the needles in herself, pretty creepy!

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