Mother's Day

Mother's Day

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With the remake coming out (or is it?), I decided to give the original Troma film a chance. It was pretty great, actually. It sort of has a Last House on the Left vibe, and I believe it was filmed at the same time and across the lake from where the original Friday the 13th was shooting. Some really cool scenes, especially the ending. I really enjoyed the acting of the mother and the two sons. The scene at the beginning at poolside reminded me a lot of the poolside scene in PT Anderson's Boogie Nights. I wouldn't be surprised if Anderson was inspired by this film. If I recall, Eli Roth claims it inspired him as well. I think a blu-ray is coming out soon, which could be a good buy. Anyone else checked this one o

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The ORIGINAL MOTHERS DAY was a great old school B movie. Great WACKY violent characters. The flick isnt exactly "classic" material but I thought it was entertaining. I liked it. LOVED the scene with Queenie.

The NEW MOTHERS DAY is an excellent CRIME THRILLER, its most def NOT HORROR and NOT A FITTING REMAKE FOR THE ORIGINAL. The new version just stole the title (stupidly so) it could just as easily and MORE ACCEPTABLY been a SEQUEL to THE HAND THAT ROCKS THE CRADLE. Particularly because the same star, Rebecca DeMornay , still beautiful though older,  plays an unhinged mother but without the over the top inbred craziness that made the original MD so much fun.






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i would recomend the new mothers day to anyone!


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