Site Bug? Or is it just me?

Site Bug? Or is it just me?

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No not any movies about bugs xD


BUT I seem to be having some problems wathing some of the movies :< 

I use wireless, but my connection is strong so I don't think that's the problem. Lately when I try to watch a movie, it stops and shows me a paused view of a scene, but at the same time completely stops playing D: Does that make sense? Either way, I can't continue watching my movie because it has already "ended" and I have to lick on the replay button :<


Also, When I click on the MOVIES tab above to look at the pictures and lists of movies, I can't get to page two D:


grrrrr FearNet I love you but it can't be just me?! I never had a problem when I first came to this website :(


Please and thanks~


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Send an OFFSITE email to   and let him know whats going on. Make sure your security/ad blocker is turned off when on site, just in case.

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