The Decent Part 2

The Decent Part 2

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I saw this movie about a few weeks ago on fearnet ondemand and thoughts it was as good as the first. But if you have not seen the first or part 2 hear is just an over few of the story of part 2. They woman who survice from the first move has to go back in to the cave where most of her friends died and look for if any them are still alive with a team look for them by her side. Of course you can guess what happen the get attack by the same creatures from the first and have to find a way out. The end of the movies is pretty much like the first but more action at the end. SO if you want to see great cave horror movies you should check out the Decent part 2.

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i was really surprised that i liked this movie, i really liked the descent and when i heard they made a part 2 i was like what the hell? i thought the chick died at the end of the first one, but i guess she was just hallucinating or whatever. anyway i thought it was done well and it was very entertaining so i agree that its worth view on hulu plus, a netflix rental, or a streaming view.



Yeah, I loved the chicks and story in this flick. If you took part two and edited into part one, it would be one humogous long GREAT movie.

Speaking of which, on the subject of cave movies, the movie THE CAVE (nothing to do with THE DESCENT) was also an EXCELLENT cave/monster flick.,0,214,317_.jpg

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I absolutely LOVED both part 1 & 2 of Descent.  I thought that the story and acting was great and had lots of gore and was pretty damn scary ! 

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Agreed, I enjoyed both these movies. Nothing like small enclosed spaces with odd monster things to keep ones interest!


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yea i loved the second its a bit of a popcorn film compared to the original but thats all good! fun stuff!

as for the ending to the original, it is wide open to interpritations..... a very good thing, i think she never made it out the cave. A lot of people think there were actually no "creepers" & she just went nuts down there & killed her own friends! to my knowledge Niel Marshall has never spoken of exactly how the originals ending was ment to be precived........ anyway it dnt matter what matters is good horror films made for horror fans! & "normal" film goers embracing them to!! 10/10 

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