movie the ten parts

movie the ten parts

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1)"I never cornholed me a blind bitch before!"

2)"Wizzy is a homo,Wizzy is a schmuck"

3)"The boat can leave now,tell the crew"

4)"You are all my children now"

5)"They ate his genitals!"

6)"You fucking fuck!"

7)"I can feel myself rotting"

8)"Yes mother,it's me"

9)"You're one ugly motherfucker"

10)'Looks like Christmas came early this year"good ol' charlie


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funny140.jpgwhat does 1 get for playing ur lil game dude ?  already got a flycookieso?

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1)toxic avenger

2)street trash


4)nightmare on elm street 2

5)cannibal ferox

6)blue velvet



10)jack frost

these were some hard ones lol i think i got them all right ;)

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cool game nice one!


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100% correct..great jobSAK....crushes beer can on head in approval!!!!

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Nice one. My favorite line in STREET TRASH has gotta be " So why don't you bend over so that we can all see the Lily-White paint on your Haitian black ass."

how 'bout:

1. " There's a skeeter in here drivin' me bonkers."

2. " What do you think this car runs on? Gods own methane?"

3. " We've met before haven't we?"

4. "Fuck me gently with a chainsaw!"

5. " God bless America, limp-dick"

6. " I love soul food!"

7. " I'm gonna get some..."

8. " ...sailors..."

9. " That reminds me of a little girl in a pink dress...pushin' a hotdog through a donut."


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Ahhh, come on guys, I know these aren't that hard.

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Hmm well I can't seem to figure them all out buuuuut..

1. Slither

3. Lost Highway

4. The only time I've heard that quote was in Heathers..and I feel like thats not what your referring too, haha.

5. Class of Nuke em High

6. A Nightmare on Elm Street 4

9. Jason Goes to Hell

Perhaps the rest of them will come to me later. Nice set of quotes!

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On that last set, 10 is from Child's Play... I think.


And 4. is definitely from Heathers.  I know that movie too, too well.


"Teenage suicide!  Don't do it."

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