Zombie Hunter: An irreverent documentary

Zombie Hunter: An irreverent documentary

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Hello, I'm Jesse Dedman and I write, direct, and produce this growing comedic zombie web series called Zombie Hunter. While everyone else tries hard to actually prepare for Z-day, I spend my time creating insane zombie scenarios for the enjoyment of making others laugh.

Zombie Hunter is a mockumentary that follows a self-acclaimed, and self-certified, and "professional" zombie hunter as he goes into infested territory, follows-up on leads, and exploits products designed to ensure survival during the crisis.

Here is a link to the latest episode: The Gore Suit.


Right now the series has four insane episodes with plenty more on their way.

It would mean a lot to me if you guys checked it out.

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what do you want me to say ,, its a comedy right !!, i get that bit other than it was 6 mins long but i ff'd it so it was about 6 secs long,,,,,, no my cup o tea mate,,, all the best with it though!!!


I will give it a look.


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