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Anyone see this?  I caught it on IFC a few days ago.....not really bad not really good but it held my attention.....About this company doing experiments on cows(yes cows) to improve beef or something well something goes wrong and this parasite is created......

It is set on an Irish dairy farm in the middle of nowhere

I found it entertaining2 skulls1/2

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i haven't seen this film, but IFC shows really good horror movies.

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i have just checked the price on this DVD & its only £1.50 so i might aswell order it sounds like its at least worth a watch


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I agree with U lady Gaga, IFC DOES show some pretty good movies. Being Indepenent fims & all, they show the fims that won awards at various Indie film festivals, and they were fairly well funded, & had decent scripts, good actors and directing. Some of the best fims I've seen have been IFC, Sundance, or just "Indie" in general. I have'nt seen Isolation yet but it does sound like it's a little bit off the same 'ol tired, beaten path of the usual, predictable crap! Don't know til we see it though right?

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So thats a good price for a dvd where U live? Well if U think it's worth a watch, Ill give it a try too! If it's on IFC in demand, I'll probably watch it 2night! & by the way, u ROCK klowns! U did it! U did it! U R me BEST MATE!!!imagesCAF0QRKU.jpg


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