Just starting watching the second season

Just starting watching the second season

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So I watched all of the first season about a week ago, this week I began watching the second season and I LOVE IT!!!


just wanted to let everyone know this.


This show is my favorite! 


Tell me what you all think about the show "The Walking Dead"

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Sounds like this show splits viewers, whether its certain characters or not enough zombie stuff or think the show is slow. Yet I'm enjoying it. I haven't been reading the comics so I can't really compare the two, which is probobly a good thing in watching the show, because like with most things if you are a big fan of the book or comic or whatever you will nitpick the faults of the showmovie that book is based off of, which seem to be the case with "The Walking Dead", people who love the comics seem to be pretty lukewarm to hating the show.

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never thought about all that, but good point.  i think it gets a bit slow too smtimes during those long, too deep scenes ( especially when it comes to the sheriffs wife, can't think of the character).  do u think she'll get gnawed on at some point??   Smile

anyway, cheers.


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cant wait for all of em to get gnawed ,, and the end to this pathetic show!!

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I like it. Im not feelin the second season as much as the first. Something about it.... There just seems to be more and more inaccuraceys. But regardles im still watching it. Its on tonight!!!!


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i understand, i guess.  i wouldn't mind doing a little light gentle gnawing on laurie holden...hahaaaaaaaa



Im enjoying it but I could use a little less soap opera.


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I like it... but i identify.. one,because i have an active imagination and i dont initially pick the episode apart, two.. im from the ATL so im watching my home turned into a zombie wasteland. I recognize buildings, streets,the lack of signs or even lack of buildings itself. Most def weird but thats just me. Too much soapy for me as well. Im very emotional and i dont feel like crying through each and every episode this season...lol i invest myself in the characters and tend to get lost in the drama but i shall refocus on those zombies i love sooo muchsign language.jpg

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