WALKING DEAD/ another one

WALKING DEAD/ another one


So far we had

1) Contaminated crossbow and bolts

2) Fresh sliced WONDERBREAD


. . . . . in this eppy, even though they had agreed that a zombie would conataminate a well, Dixon decides to wear some zombies VIRUS RIDDEN DECAYING EARS around his neck like once upon a time in 'Nam. Not only that. . . . . . ends up falling on the ground and the "necklace" getting in his mouth. As one character tells the Sheriff in the third eppy. . . . . . ". . how did you survive this long?"

Not nay saying the show, just putting it out there in case. . . . . we ever have a real zombie apocalypse, lol.


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Hmmm. Well im not sure why anyone would doubt Merle wasnt real because he had both his hands. Its clear to anybody who's watched the series knows he cut his hand off to escape. I think it would be cool if he did come back but im pretty sure in that instant he was a hallucination.

You could also be right about how the contaminated arrow went through his side. He would have turned from that pretty quickly am i wrong? The virus would have imidiately entered his blood stream. So whats up Walking Dead???? This is BS!


GOOD POINT and true. The virus on the arrow should have turned him. I know ZM claimed the dead tissue and blood shouldnt turn them but that isnt true cause otherwise they wouldnt have bothered with the dead guy in the well. The first thing they said was that he would contaminate the water so it isnt just a bite. Someone on the set isnt doing his homework.

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My bad HF, I just realized that RV probn don't have the electricity to keep it frozen in a freezer, however Carrie said if you use a short pan too bake the bread, it willl rise over the edge to make it loo like store bought, and she also said, "its a damn FICTIONAL tv show". But me, I like this discussion.

Virusus don't live long outside of the body, however we don't know if it's a virus, or if it can be passed through blood, or maybe the zombie illness dies immidioutly once blood/flesh/so on is away from the body, remember in the last eppy of the first season the stem of the brain keeping them alive, so mabey its keep the holding the illness, and once its away, the illness is dead.


Thats possibly true as the AIDS virus disappears from a dead body. Also the virus, if we think about it, affects the brain and somehow, receptors in  the body. By that I mean that the BODY or parts just drop without the brain but a HEAD will keep functioning cause of the brain. HOWEVER, without experimenting, only a nut would take the chance. Of course its FICTION but this is FEARnet where half the fun of horror is talking about possiblities and making the horror as potentially real as possible to make it MORE frightening.

BUT. . . you arent necessarily wrong about the bread as the bread was in the FARM which IS run by generator. But, no one is going to brave the world with the dead walking for a few weeks after outbreak. Plenty of time for food to spoil so baking it would HAVE to be.

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back to the virus i DO know that many viruses cant stand exposure to oxygen...just like the aids virus...thats why alot of viruses cant become airborne...most of us forget viruses are specialized and have very specific ways of propegating...and for that matter theres always exceptions to the rule...if it is a virus theres gotta be SOME ppl that arent affected by the virus...maybe he was one....just an idea

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all i know is that blondie owes darryl BIG TIME now... just put it on a silver platter & hand it over, baby.  lol

it's fun to read about all these discrepancies u guys are noticing...i miss about 90% of em. 

what do u guys think will play out where the missing girl is concerned?  will they find her or maybe she'll finally wander in a zombie??  and what do u think the old farmer is up to keeping zombies in the barn???  that's freaky!


I SUSPECTED the farmer was doing that. The girl was just TOO horrified when the killed the zb in the well and his insistence of NO GUNS while potentially surrounded by the dead made no sense. Also got the feeling he didnt want them wandering around when he insisted they stay in the house instead of outside. He might be thinking there is a cure. . . . never mind that the fookers are decaying which means there AINT no coming back. Or he simply cant let go of his loved ones. Although there looks like there HAS to be neighbors in that bunch. It will be interesting to see if they bust loose and how HE is going to react. This might just be an excuse to conveniently add more peeps to our merry band.

It would be an awesome HOLLYWOOD MOMENT to have the litte girl show up infected and dead but since they are ALSO trying to draw mainstream, NON-horror head types, they might just let her be rescued.

LOOOVE Laurie Holden but I would be PISSED if someone shot me out of stupidity.


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Yeah the barn full of zombies was pretty wierd. But then again i was wondering why there werent dead zombies laying all over the place. That may explain it.

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well, i'm laughing at myself for being such a dead head as i'm watching these episodes.  i just thought they had wandered onto this little slice of georgia heaven on that farm...if it looks too good to be true, it probly is, right? 

very cool that u guys catch this stuff...

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Ooo, I know what they're doing with zombies (if they stay true to the comic), however significant changes has been made for the tv show. The biggest change is, Shane died in the comic book, with near suscess to murdering Rik his boy shot Shane in the comice book. But I am actually liking the tv vershon better. Otis was suppose to live to. But I think killing off charaters that you actually like a care about (and have villians like Shane live) makes this show seem more real and more intreagin. The main charaters don't seem to notices the changes that Shane is going through, but Dale noticed since the first time shane showed signs he was turning to a villian in the first season.

HF, sorry bro, I thought it would be funny listing what Carrie said, I agree with you 100% She loves the show and I guess don't like people pointing out the detailes in the show, but shit, it's fun


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