Mid season eppi what did you think moved from BLOGS all replys included

Mid season eppi what did you think moved from BLOGS all replys included

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"That ws an intense ending and i cant believe i have to wait 3 more months before i get to see the rest. THATS BULLSHIT. I cant believe she was in the barn this whle damn time. Not at all what i expected. Great way to keep everyone hooked for the next half a season.

What did ya'll think???"

by neener

"I expected her to be dead as that was the more realistic and horrible scene to witness BUT I did NOT expect her to be in the shed the whole time. THAT was a GREAT "Hollywood moment". Great reveal. Now I want to know if the old farmer KNEW she was in there and possibly the girl they were looking for. Thats just cruel if he kept it a secret.

Part of the problem, just like in real life, is peoples desire to always keep unnecessary bullshit secrets. Old man should have said from day 1, "I've got walkers in the barn, if you dont like it get the fook out". I DO need Shane DEAD. He is becoming unstable and unreliable. While he is a good character. Having him around without shotgunning his lowlife ass is like all foreplay with no orgasm. An itch you need to scratch. He IS becoming progressively unstable AND. . . just like the wife that aint his. . . . . he keeps wanting things, making decisions that arent his to make. Someone who feels that way should go off on their own or eat a bullet.

BTW. . . . this would have made a good discussion that might have run long. Blogs tend to "disappear". Just sayin'."
 By Hellfighter

"its about fuckin time they put out a good episode this season has been more like watching the fuckin waltons!

i dont know why people hate shane, hes the best character i hope he beats that old man to death & takes his farm off him!

finaly the little girl is dead! ............ no more pissing about looking for her

god dam i really wanted that stupid old basterd to get shot aswell what kind of dildo would keep a horde of zombies in a shed?! WTF!!!!!!!!!!

 HF had a good idea so I moved it over hope no one minds!


By Klowz

"it is about fukn time, but ur right to think the whole time she was right there, im waiting for sum one to shoot shane, old man might just snap"

by malicethecold

"Tottalyy!!!!!!!!!!!!! An ending I did not expect!!!"

"Your right that was awesome! loved it best episode of the series so far. Cant wait til the new eps"
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lol! i just came to respond but you already have me coverd .............. i still say shane is one of the best characters! the others need to wake up & realise they are in a fooking zombie apocalypse


Yeah but Shane is too, "every man for himself" and the Sheriff is too goody goody. Just how comfortable would YOU feel with Shane "covering your back" during a zombie apocalypse ? ? Is he ALWAYS going to use his "friends" and "allies" as zombie bait ? NOT ME BRUH. ONCE is too much.

While the old guy with the hat is annoying at times, he aint wrong about his assessment of Shane. And to me, they all have interesting characters although I prefer Daryls character to Shanes. I find Daryl more interesting. He grew up same as his pig shit brother yet he came out a million times better. Dixon types can watch MY back any day and I will be happy to return the favor.

All the characters are excellent in this. But just like Rick and Mrs. Rick tire me out, Shane is even worse, lol. Just sayin' ! I think thats the whole deal, for the characters to evoke some kind of feeling in the audience. . . . . "WINNING", lol. That is. . . . . they are def succeeding in that.


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dont get me wrong boss i am still loving the show BUT i think shane is the man & i also like glen & daryl END OF THE DAY ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! & if i was in shanes shoes i would have killed otis aswell i dont have kids but i do have a lil sis & i would fuck anyone over to keep her safe......... i like the ol boy in the hat though but carnt stand the ol guy who owns the farm i would have killed him as soon as i found out about the barn! hes as mad as a fuckin muslim.....


Oh YEAH mate. If the farmer, who is a DOCTOR, Veternarians have to be trained just as much, particularly a country vet around large livestock, if a Doc CANT wrap his head around the fact that these mofos are DECAYING day by day. . . . . . . he is crazier than a shithouse rat.


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LOL K I always got your back!

Here is my take.

Shane pro's, he is good with a gun, and a hell of a tracker, he has a badass attuide

Cons.......he scares the shit outta me! When he shot Otis that sealed the deal he didnt need to do that, Otis had value as a human being and his skills, I dont care if he thought he was doing it for the boy.....didnt need to happen.....But his state of mind is soooooo blurred because of his need to possess Lori, something has clicked off in his brain his lack oI so


I would not want him to have my back that is clear by what he did to Otis, if he could do that then he could do it to me

He calls Rick a puss he is not because when it came down to doing the rigman up it was Rick  who putht thing that Dick Shane couldnt it was Rick who put down Sophie........


totally dig the show!

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i may be going soft? BUT when he put sophie down i had goose pimples..............


Dont forget that he also aimed his gun at Rick. It might be that the ONLY reason he didnt kill Rick is because the old guy popped up and he saw the old guy watching him.

I dont FOR A MINUTE believe he killed Otis, "to save the boy". I think it was to save his own ass. He was already cringing and crying and FENCED IN WHEN OTIS SHOWED UP TO SAVE HIS LIFE. And he repayed that by letting him be EATEN ALIVE. FUCK THAT !

Rick is kind of a softie but I would rather have him in charge than Shane. Im sure if Shane was trapped or lost somewhere, he would want someone to come save his ass, as would anyone. But Shane aint coming back for NO ONE, except the Sheriffs wife. Im sure if he had to choose between the kids life and his mom, the kid would have to eat shit regardless of moms wishes. Like I said, too much every man for himself. If he feels that way, thats fine. . . . then he shouldnt be part of a community.

BTW. . . . . . thats NOT to say his character isnt an AWESOME part of the whole drama. Its why we are talking about it.


I gotta admit. . . . . . . the scene with the little girl had a LOT of impact, even partly expecting a bad end for her. KUDOS to the writers for that whole idea. A Hollywood moment.

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I was THRILLED to see that be the ending. THat was truely an ending i did not expect and one that hit the emotions hard. That ending 20 minutes of that episode was the best 20 minutes of the entire season in my opinion.




Yeah. . . . . we all outta send emails to AMC and bitch at them.


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