Got an idea for a great horror movie?

Got an idea for a great horror movie?

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A new global experimental project is looking for input from independent filmmakers and fans from all over the world.


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Open to Ideas...

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A person that is possesed but doesnt know it or is not aware of it......Voices in his head....strange stuff happening around him and very few people are aware of it.......and it is a slow descent into madness starting out with the vitem being completely sane

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Hi MrBradshaw

Thanks for your contribution. I must apologise though, the post wasn't very clear.

We're not quite ready for detailed plot ideas just yet.

Everything about this film will be decide democratically, so we firstly need to decide if it is even going to be a Horror Film.

Like everything else on the project that will be voted on.

Voting for the genre is still open until early March. I put this post up here to give fellow fans of the horror genre a chance to have their say from the very beginning.

Vote now at

Thanks again


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