The Omen '76

The Omen '76

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THE OMENTHE OMEN"It's all for you Damien"

Another film that kept me up for days after seeing it in the theaters as kid.  Even worse, the neighbors had a pet Rottweiler.

As for the 2006 remake?  Glad I seen it on TV and saved my money at the theaters.  The plot and scenes, to me, was like they used the same original script.

Little Fact:  Gregory Peck had to be persuaded that the film was more of a suspense, thriller for the fact he was NOT a fan of horror films.

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the omen 1 and 2 were good, the 3rd and 4th ones were not as good. haven't seen the remake.


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gregory played his part impeckably ,, great actor,, he should of done more horror films,, !!


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