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Wow ok so it looks like evryones fuckin up now. Ricks dumbass tryed to peacefully talk it out with those dead people friends like a moron. THEN HE TRIES TO AMPUTATE A KIDS LEG AS THE WALKERS ARE OCMING FROM ALL SIDES????? That was completely ridiculous. I have lost an emense amount of respect for this show. And on top of that Shane lies to Lori ONCE AGAIN about rick. THis is getting more and more absurd every second it plays...

What did ya'll think?

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i think bringing back MERLE would shake things up a bit...might bring ( for those who are getting bored, not me) some more excitement to the pic....with merle u know hes a "bad guy" but al least he doesnt try to come off as anything else(shane)...

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And Merle isnt obssessed with Lori and isnt a danger to the entire group like Shane is.

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Why is everyone so fixated with Merle? Shane is by far a better villain than that good ol' southern boy. He is smarter, and far more manipulative than Merle ever could be.

While Merle may have survived cutting off his hand, as he cauterized the wound, I find it highly unlikely that he would go after the group, not after they left him to die like that on the roof. (he never learned that they came back for him, so from his perspective, they are all a-holes that can rot in hell). He even stole their truck when he escaped from Atlanta. If he was going to get revenge, he doesn't seem like the type to wait for the most opportune moment to strike. He would've gone right back to camp and raised holy hell. (Merle isn't the most patient man in the world.) And no, I don't believe for one moment that he herded the walkers over to the camp when they were attacked that night and Amy was killed. Not after it is shown at the start of Season 2 that they roam the country side in herds, all by themselves.

While Daryl is his brother, those two men are like night and day when compared to each other. Merle, like their daddy, looks out for number one first, and could care less about his baby brother. 

If he does show back up in the series, I'll be very surprized. It might make an interesting Daryl story-arc, but, I really don't see it happening any time soon. 

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One of the best epis yet.....Shane is slipping further and further.  I would have left the kid maybe I am an ass.....but the dude did shoot at them....maybe yanked his leg off that fence and said good luck whilst running away


Merle is NOT a complex character FOR SURE. BUT, I DO think he is fearless enough and capable enough to trick a small herd into the truck and bring them to camp. Not all that hard. I dont think he needs to come back unless they are going to make him more complex. Maybe he gets an epiphany only to meet his demise. I not only think he could be used as a "prop" to make Daryls character progress, it may be a HOOT if he were to show up with Morgan and his son which would leave the little troupe in a WTF moment. They CAN turn Merle into a catalyst for a lot of other things. While Shane IS more complex, I hope they dont go the silly "super villain" route where they wear us out with a continuing nemesis. Thats an OLD plot line and tiresome. They have PLENTY to worry about in an apocalyptic world without the "super villain" cliche'. Personaly, Im tired of the OVERTNESS of Shanes character and most of the groups blindness to his behavior. This is a small tight knit group and Shanes facial expressions, body language should be obvious to many. Of course, these peeps for being surivivors have some seriously IDIOTIC moments and ideas. There should be a showdown and move on.

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It's pretty much been forshadowed that Shane is going to be killed- either by Carl (as he was in the comic) or Rick. When that occurs is anyone's guess, but I don't think that he's going to be the "super villain" of the show. The Walking Dead isn't about super heroes, but ordinary people. Shane will get what's coming to him soon enough.

Dale figured out first that Shane was dangerous, and has told Lori and Andrea to stay away from him. If things weren't so hectic, I'm sure that he'd have told the others in the group as well. Rick didn't want to believe that Shane was a murderer, because he trusted him- but it's obvious now that Rick believes that he is dangerous.

As far as Merle hanging out with Morgan... seriously? That's completely out of character for him. He's an ingrained bigot with no respect for African Americans. The only reason he tried to be "nice" on the roof was so that he could get out of his handcuffs and beat the heck out of Rick. 

Merle would rather hang out with "his own kind." And there seems to be plenty of them around. If he does show back up, (which, again, is a big IF), it would make more sense for him to be with those guys that shot at Rick, Glenn and Hershel in the bar as it would add tension to an already strained situation. (Daryl would have to choose sides. And I doubt Rick could talk his way out of another gun fight.)

I respectfully choose to disagree about Merle's seemingly miraculous walker-wrangling abilities. By that point he would have been delirious from the pain of not only cutting off his own hand, but burning the wound shut. And it's highly possible that he would've passed out in the truck in a ditch somewhere. Burns that are that severe tend to put the body into shock. Sorry, but Merle's not a super villain either. Stupid to the point of be a danger to himself and others, yes, super powered, no.

Like I said before, I just don't understand why people are so fixated on that character. Maybe I just can't relate to him, or maybe I just don't care about Merle in general, as there are far more interesting characters to watch in the show.  All Merle does is serve as a foil to Daryl- he is his exact opposite. Daryl is far cooler, and way more interesting and complex than Merle ever was. So, yes, if they could manage to bring him back and make his character less shallow and more interesting, that would be great for the show. Otherwise, he's just another redneck. *ducks behind chair to hide from angry mob*

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I really was hoping Rick's hoochie wife, would have died...

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You mean Lori? Why would you want her to die. She didnt do anything wrong.


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