My balls your chin. Does anyone remember the band snot?

My balls your chin. Does anyone remember the band snot?

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Well for some reason i just got a wild hair on my ass and decided to clean my mancave at 11:00 p.m. I was just working like a dog and listening to my ipod when snot started blaring through my earbuds. I love this band. They released one cd back in the 90's and it was f**cking amazing. The lead singer and his dog ended up dying in a car wreck before they really got famous. i think sevendust and some other guys did a tribute sone to him called Angels son. I am not for sure if that is the name of it. i would of loved to have heard some more music from them. Just what music some of the people could have made if they didn't die at such a young age. Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Janis joplin, Ronnie Van Zandt, and so many more. i am just glad that we had music from them that will carry on their legacy long after i am dead and gone. I do recommend checking out the band snot.

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The lead singer of Snot? Im pretty sure he's the new lead singer of Divine Heresy.


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I am sure that he died in a car wreck back in the 90's. That was some crazy music that you posted. That drummer was crazy. He burnt the shit out of the double bass drums. Crazy crazy

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i love snot & the whole album was pretty ahead of other music of similer style at the time ..... such a sad waste of pure talent made even worse by the fact he had just started building a following even all the way to here in England ..... PURE QUALITY TO ME

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 I love Snot I wish they could have been famous but since it's too late I'm glade some one still talks about them so others will check them out.

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Yeah it was a very sad ending to a band that could have had many great albums. I do agree with you Knownz that they were very ahead of their time. It was like nothing that was out at the time. I watched some videos of them and the lead singer looks nothing like he sounds. He was just a little skinny white guy that could sing like a motherf**ker. That is one of my all time favorite cd's. I loved every single song on that cd. Such great music.

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