I can't believe who bit the dust this week

I can't believe who bit the dust this week

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Wow! I really didn't see that coming. I figured he would die, but i thought that Daryl would end up shooting him with the crossbow for having a gun pulled on Rick. I am so excited about next week. It looks like it is going to kick ass. This season has been so f**king slow and boring that it has been hard for me to stay awake through the entire show. The last two episodes have picked up the pace significantly and the season finale looks to blow everyother episode out of the water. I can't wait till next Sunday, I am so excited.

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Im glad Rick took out Shane. Rick has been made to look like a wimp too much. Not by his acts of conscience, just the way he takes everything in stride. Shane was also treating him like he was nothing to be afraid of or respect. Obviously he KNEW Rick could handle himself or he wouldnt have pulled out his gun on him to start. It was well done.

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Iknew Daryl was going to die, but I thought a walker was going to get him.

Love this show. Next week should be good! Do you think they are all going to die? Start the new season with all new characters?


Nope. That would jeopardize their fan base. Peeps get to like certain characters. While no one is safe on the show, they would NOT end the show with all dead and have to REBUILD characters for a new show. Building characters can make for slow shows. Too much of that and any show is dead. Gotta balance character building with a continuing strong plot.

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I can forsee the old man dieing. Same with everyone else that originally lived at the farm. Though some of Ricks crew may die (i think its going to be the older short haired lady), they wont take out too many of the main ones. MAYBE glenn.


They wont do in Glenn for awhile. He has a blooming romance to keep the gals interested and the whole, behaving oddly cause he is "in love" thing. I think the farmer is gonna go cause he is a doc and would make fixing them up too easy for the shows "dangerous" adventure and his death will allow his daughter to head out with Glenn instead of staying on the property. In order for them to feel free to go, the farmer has to die to cut the string of sentiment to the farm. There are "extras" in his farm group that can die and we wouldnt even notice. Maybe including his suicidal daughter.


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