WALKING DEAD season fanale predictions/questions (spoiler episode 12)

WALKING DEAD season fanale predictions/questions (spoiler episode 12)

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Attention to SPOILERs ahead for episode 12 (better angels)

I have been passing these  questions around. thought you would like to think about this as well before next sunday. and maybe pass around some questions or predictions of your own.

IF the virus is in everyone already, but dormant::::

1.) then will lori's baby be changed by it since its still growing....

2.) was shane already being Changed/effected by the virus. hence his erratic behavior and almost animalistic demeanor while alone with rick and freeing the prisoner.  would also explain why he turn to a walker so fast.

3.)and will anyone else start to change or will they be resistant if thats the case.?

- just thought you might have some thoughts on this. and que responses


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i dont understand your thinking...

when you die you become a zombie, you dont develop the condition LOL!



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Hey heres a thought. Quit sitting around wondering and possible spoiling it for others and wait and watch the fuckin episode?


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Just a tought. Thats what i do and i seem to enjoy it more. When you sit around wondering whats gunna happen you come up with what you want to see and what you think woulf be best, then it doesnt happen and your disappointed.



I dont believe Shanes character was changed or affected by the virus. Basically he was the SAME person as he was when Rick came back, except that thanks to denial of his obsession, amplification of his faults resulting from being in a small group of varied people in a dangerous environment caused his obsession to unbalance him. Killing Otis had NOTHING to do with saving the worthless kid, in my opinion, cause he didnt even TRY to look for a way out for BOTH of them. Looking for a working vehicle, simply causing a distraction by blowing up a car via gas tank. I KNOW they were running but he never looked around looking for an out. He just sacrificed Otis (who saved Shane when he was stuck behind the fence if I remember right) Thats NOT virus, thats selfish cowardice.

I doubt the writers would make the baby a zombie at birth because then basically there would be no hope for the human race and so no need to fight for survival. NO offspring = NO human race. So I dont think they would dead end the series like that. BUT. . . . a possibility would be for the child to be IMMUNE to zombie bite depending on the contagion.

They STILL havent spoken about the why. It might simply be radiation from space, or airborn virus. It would HAVE to be one of the two for someone NOT BITTEN TO RETURN.

You DO have a great idea for them CARRYING the virus. So peeps from the space station would be clean until they breathed air OR whatever caused it is gone so NOW anyone breathing would be contamination FREE. Which would mean if the virus could be REMOVED. . . . . . or experimentation with a clean blood sample vs. a contaminated one might give answers. BUT, this might be too technical for anyone to care about bringing up on the show.

Makes for good beer and pretzels conversation though.

Z O M B I E !



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The baby will be immune......they will make a antidote that saves the WORLD!!!!!! huuuuzaaaaaaa!!!!


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