Does anyone else on here actually enjoy this show? Looking for a proper discussion about it!

Does anyone else on here actually enjoy this show? Looking for a proper discussion about it!

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I'm getting the vibe that most people on here think one of two things: 1) The characters are boring and the show is too slow, or, 2) there isn't enough blood and gore.

I don't get it guys..isn't the mark of a good show being that it has substance? I mean, what would be the point if it didn't. I've seen a thousand horror films, and rarely do I ever give a damn about most of the characters, or care where the film is going, because I already know how it ends. At least with The Walking Dead, I can be stunned or shocked by events like Dales death. I can be left with anticipation of the cool s**t, like the upcoming zombie fight. If it was all handed out too quickly, I can guarantee the fans would get bored...I guess I'm not a fan of instant gratification? I prefer something that will keep me on edge and involved.

So, add your input to this topic!! I really want to hear what you think about this show. And, please, if you love this show for all it's brilliance, say so!!


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No proper discussion? Theres plenty just take 3 minutes out of your life to find the right one. I know theres a ton of threads in here you can jump into.



Once in a blue, it spends too much time on the love triangle. In real life, I think it would have been put to bed quicker but to be honest. Their target audience is NOT JUST horror fans but MAINSTREAM t.v. people. So they throw a little soap opera for those that like it. I think they are doing a great job of walking that fine line and in doing so, introducing mainstream audiences to horror, and keeping the rest of us watching. The shows are BETTER THAN ALMOST ANY ZOMBIE MOVIE MADE RECENTLY. If a fan CANT BACK OFF from being a gorehound, and enjoying the ride, thats unfortunate for him. I thought the pacing of the show was better with Darabont but its still good. I was getting tired of them never showing Ricks tough side so Im glad they addressed that with Shane and at the bar. I think the show is great.

Back in the day. . . . . long while back. They had this GREAT show about WWII combatants called, easily enough, COMBAT. This show was FANTASTIC and was a HIT. Why? Cause they didnt spend every episode in mindless action. They actually built STORIES and sometimes not one shot was fired. The series was great. TWD is trying to do the same. Keep us interested in the main thrust, the premise of the show which is THE SURVIVAL AND INTERACTION OF HUMANS in a world devestated by an apocalyptic happening. Which just happens to be a zombie holocaust. The show is about people in a dire situation that, lucky for us, happens to be zombies. Very cool. Gore hounds can rewatch Cannibal Holocaust or whatever. I prefer creepy to gory anyday. I can eat meat raw. Gory dont mean shit to me.RUN !

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Hey, neener, the difference between the threads and the discussion I'm looking for, is articulation and an actual indepth thought regarding the show. I've viewed the other threads, hence I realized people were dissapointed about the two points I mentioned...Also, there are more specific event related threads, that are not related to my topic. I want to discuss why people like, or dislike the show.

If you want to be a smart arse, then take it somewhere else. This thread is obviously not for ;)


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Hellfighter: I couldn't have said it better. You're right about the love triangle plot, and it did in fact show us the changes in Rick-a huge character shift and development right there. I definitely think they've struck that balance between horror and humanity in crisis situations. I think what I enjoy most is the constant rotation and growth of each character..with each episode, we get a better definition of who they are, and what they can/will do to survive. The best part is to relate that to the kind of person we perceive ourselves to be. 

In the recent episodes, we see Glenn change from an errand boy, to zombie killer. Andrea from a cold b*tch, to compassionate, and Rick from good guy, to badass. I'm really excited to see the progression in the 3rd season. It seems like they've all changed in significant ways, that who knows what will happen next. I love and appreciate that kind of writing. 

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I think the issue people have with this season is the idea of Rick and his group have spent way too much time on that farm. I myself have not read very much of the comics so I'm not sure what is the same and what is different. I think outside of viewers wanting at least one good zombie scene an episode, I get the feeling that the main group needs to keep on the move. Of course this decision might have come down to the show's well-written budget issues. Its a lot easier to have them at a location for a season then have them constantly going to a new town/state every few episodes. 

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There was a budget cut across the board with AMC, and I heard that even shows like Boardwalk Empire were being cut back, so the second season was slightly forced to focus on one location. The suits at AMC even suggested that maybe walkers should be heard and not seen, lol. What a terrible idea that would have been. None the less, it gave the opportunity for characters and I think it was a good idea.

I know that they won't be skimping on season 3, as the governor and the prison will come into it, as well as a much larger cast. And yeah, it's hard to tell what they're keeping in regards to the GN's. It seems like everything's a little twisted. 

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Hearing that just angers me. I have little sympathy for the suits at AMC. They talk quality and all, if they can't afford to have so many shows in production at once they shouldn't be buying them. So what do they do? They get "Comic Book Men", a damn "reality" show. Seriously? A reality show is the last thing I want to see on AMC or FX. I'd rather AMC got a sitcom, over a reality show. Hope "Comic Book Men" doesn't get a second season.


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yeah i like the show for what it is a zombie apocalypse, but u cant help but beat up the characters in this series cause they are in it every shot,,,, sometimes u dont see a zombie for ages and u think is this really about zombies,, i liked the first episode after that it has just run along fairly nicely,, i know what ure saying about there not a tonne of action and u got to let the story roll out, but fans of horror and particulary zombies are pushed to the limits with the constant jibberish that comes out fo most of these characters mouths, its like the script really lacks on there behalf ,, as they seem to have the zombies and the apocalyptic scenario down to a nice level just shame abou the dialogue!! there i got there in the end ,, i struggle like fook to chat with some sort of meaning lol!!


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I love this show. Have not read the comics so have no idea what is comming next. You need to develop the characters so that you get to know, care or hate them. If there was no story line & just a bunch of Zombie Killings it would be kind of pointless. The Zombie action that they do show is great! We may be bored with them on the farm, but where are they going to go? I supose you would pick a place to hunker down to stay safe, but it looks like that is comming to an end in the final show of the season. Once they are on the move we will see it's not safe anywhere. In all the Zombie movies I have seen-the survivors were only on the move toward a safe place. Looking forward to Sunday & next season!


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Don't worry about neener56.  Being so young and self centered...he doesn't realize how big of a jerk I and others think he is.



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