Everyone has a movie they like that they cant understand why others dont like and VICE VERSA. Sometimes you can figure out why when its because the movie targets, for example, girl/tweens like TWILIGHT (although grown up moms seem to love this shit. . . . and the young boys. Just sayin'.)

Others are a little more mystifying. The movie that puzzles me is the shitty, boring, SO DERIVATIVE. . . . . . . . . PARANORMAL CRAPTIVITY. I CANNOT fathom, along with 7 friends, wtf anyone found scary from this crap. Now Craptivity was a success financially and YES, I KNOW its the hype, but still people claim to like it. (drinking the kool-aid of being CONVINCED they will like it?)

Another is one that flopped on the screen but every horror head, here included praises to high heaven, the Peter Jackson horror DEAD ALIVE. I cant even get into it and watch it for more than a few minutes. I think the most time I spent on it is 15-20, lol.

What movie success puzzles you ?

NO, Im NOT looking to be "convinced" these two movies are "great", whats YOUR choice ?


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LMAO. I DO have to agree with you on that one Cassie. I myself prefer CREEPY to gorey. Gore to me means nothing. More horrible shit in most war movies than in horror. Also the first SAW had so much stupid shit I had to shake my head. I have only seen three I believe so that I can comment on them but never saw the whole series nor plan on it. NOT putting down peeps who like/love these flicks. I KNOW I have flicks I like that others dont. A matter of taste and horror, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.

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I don't get why twilight and harry potter was so successful, but i didn't do a whole lot of reading when i was growing up so maybe that's why i didn't get into that craze.


I CANNOT believe the books are much better than the movies. Vampires that sparkle in the sun, a 300 year old vampire that acts like a tween PUTZ. Too much essence of bullshit.









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well the scream movies,i mean i did njoy the 1st film an the 2nd one,but by the 3rd film,an even the 4th etc,u knew that it was always going 2b the same an that sydney was going 2survive along with dewy etc,an im like why???????

i mean 4a film 2keep having sequels etc u have 2have a big enuff fan base in the 1st place,an y this works 4certain films saw being 1 of them,i think the public keep gettin bored,when there brought out for the sake of it,2make money,with no regards 2if the film is going 2b ne gud for example......

jeepers creepers

the wroung turn

paranormal activity

there is a load more but i cant think of handYell

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Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. For instance, I think that Dead Alive is hilarous and quite entertaining, whereas you think that it's terrible. And that's just fine. I typically enjoy movies that most people hate, and often find myself hating movies that the majority of people just rave about.

Personally, I just can't fathom why so many people think Saw is so freaking great. I just can't see what the appeal is. I mean, what exactly is so entertaining or scary about a crazy guy dying of cancer who has taken it upon himself to "teach people a lesson" so that they value their lives-- but at the same time, he can't even follow his own creed because he kills most of them in his efforts to get them to appreciate life and summon up the strength to survive?

If any of his victims were sane prior to being kidnapped and placed in a torture death chamber/maze, they certainly aren't when they get out. So how exactly are they going to learn anything other than people are sick and they want to hurt you?

Then again, with the types of wounds that are inflicted on his victims, most wouldn't be able to appreicate what little time they had left to live (if they even survive the torture). For instance, once you hack your leg off, if you don't have a tourniquet or some way to stop the bleeding, you're dead. 

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the only film that comes straight to mind is shaun of the dead, there is nothing i like about it & the fact its so popular actually pisses me off


Yeah Cassie. That is one of the things I find MOST annoying. Instead of fearing Jigsaw, he kinda pisses me off the big whiney baby. The insurance company that denied him his health benefits could have easily used his line and say he "didnt apprectiate life enough" for them to want to save him. He thinks the insurance company was unfair and judgemental so he is going to do the same thing to others ? ?

Hey its all just movies. As I pointed out, it seems everyone loves DEAD ALIVE but me.

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I really like Dead Alive. I think only because it was quirky and that I didn't expect to see some of the things I did. 


But to answer your question, I can't understand all these re-releases of movies in 3D. Yes, I love Star Wars and I did pay to go see Episode I in 3D, but movies like Titanic? I don't understand. I wouldn't sit in a theater and watch any movie for like six hours besides LOTR. I think we're starting to lack a lot of creativity when it comes to film and literature. Everything has pretty much been done, and if it hasn't, it's pushing the lines in a bad way. 


I think many times 3D is mostly an excuse to charge more for the movie.

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Finally rhere are the hellraiser movies This is just me talking but i found the whole thing too gore focused, at one point i thought i would see only a red blood dripping screen with a halloween haunted house screaming victim soundtrack.

Any way i like the old horror for the sake of horror, not gore in a movie. Do not get me wrong i love gore movies also, but i do not consider them horror nor do i think that it takes a whole lot of brain power to say if we throw enough blood and body parts on the screen we are now entitled to deny movie goers the full value for thier dollar.


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