pet peeves with horror fans!

pet peeves with horror fans!

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first off i want to say this thread is aimed at no one on fearnet!

my question is what are your pet peeves with like minded horrorheads?

for example: i hate it when people bang on about Lucio Fulci like they are related to him but have only seen the beyond or zombi2

& i get annoyed with people refering to Asian cinema titles who always say for example ringu/ju-on .... them 2 examples dont annoy me BUT when people say rinne or gin gwai ETC it does because i am english & would rather say the english title for the film! i think people who do this bad habbit are trying to impress BUT it doesnt impress me!

also i dont like people talking about a insainly abstract horror films in the mannor that suggests everyone should know what they are on about ......... it would be for example like if i started banging on about "a teenage hooker became a killing machine" then acting suprised no one has seen it

i also dislike the Argento army who seen suspiria/inferno then bang on about being Argento fans (like with Lucio) then havent seen his other works

am not bitching at all, just wondering if anyone else has peeves like this?Dario Argento

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All I can say is that I haven't seen alot of the movies that people on this site hold near & dear to their heart. There are some movies that I just don't get (Phantasm) but that does not make me want to discredit the people who like & enjoy them. I don't look for hidden meanings in films & just take them for face value. Call me simple.

I have seen the old movies 'cause I am old! LOL! My 84 yr old mother, who used to enjoy watching movies like Creature from the Black lagoon & the Mummy's Curse in her day just dosen't enjoy watching the newer movies. I personally don't think you need to know all there is to know about a director to like or dislike their movies.

I don't give a lot of opinions about movies 'cause it just dosen't matter! I do enjoy reading the reviews that people post as they do alert me to movies that I might enjoy & not watch the ones that don't sound like they would be of interest to me. The fans on Fearnet post some interesting info & if I don't agree, I just move on.

That being said, "Happy Viewing" to everyone!

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hey thanks man that meant alot to me and made my day.

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I recently watched the original Clash of the Titans and LOVED it, I would like to see some old SM pictures and I would defo like to learn more about some awesome SM movies, Spooks, you must know lots, so I would like a big list of movies to watch.

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Hey, z-man! Glad you enjoyed the original 'Clash of the Titans'-they don't make 'em like THAT anymore!! I will send some titles your way!! You don't need to be a comics fan to go see or enjoy all the comics related movies-they're ALL disappointments to the true fans anyway-they NEVER get them right I am a perfectionist because i LOVE the superheroes and comics-and there are always details that get changed around which really irks me off!! I know several people who aren't comics fans but still like the movies. (but if they were tried and true comics fans, they WOULDN'T like the movies) Anyway, i was just saying that if you're going to have a discussion or a conversation about something-it helps to have a superior knowledge OF that particular subject, wether it be comics, movies, horror or what have you. I consider myself a comic book and superhero historian and i can talk for HOURS on the subject. When any of my friends have questions, i am the FIRST one they run to before looking it up or reading about it. So no worries, alright?


=sniffle= I LOVE YOU GUYS ! ! ! =HOOONNKK !=



Good discussion K !

Lemme find some horror !

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I always seen fearnet at the end of some movies, never thought to check it out until someone told me about a horror movie I haven’t seen or new of its existents. He told me he heard about it on fearnet. So when I joined, I wanted to hear everything people had to say about their idea of what horror was to them. Some has taught me things I didn’t know. Some are just too critical to talk to. So I take their arrogance in stride.  I may know a little about the horror I like, and obviously in great need of socially discussing anything horror, and listen to other members definition of horror. I try really hard not to judge anyone on their opinion of what they like or their dis-likes or lack of knowledge  or knowledge about any horror.

i do enjoy what i do learn on this site from other horror heads.

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vampires have pointy teeth in the front of their mouth, they wear capes and a top hat and carry a  cain, they  can't see themselves in the mirror so they have to have someone else comb their hair for them.

Werewolves they have more pointy teeth than a vampire does and they are much hairier some of them wear flea collars that way they don't scratch  as much. They need to bathe more often because they smell like an animal.

Mummies they work at first aid stations they can always cover a wound. They're good for trips when you're out camping and get a cut.

Frankenstein has lots of cousins at least I see different ones in the pictures the doctor in the movies are spectacular surgeons I wish we had some of those surgeons in my town. I didn't know they could transplant brains.see I know lots about horror movies.

LOLnow no one get upset just having fun. I enjoy seeing things a lot of you talk about because I read and I do learn a lot of things, sometimes I could care less about certain things but that's me.Hell I wish I could remember directors and some of the not so main characters real names. Sometimes in order to describe someone to find out who they are I would say you know it's that guy that played in this movie and his part was hoping that they seen it so they would see who I'm talking about. But that peeves me off that I can't remember things like that. To me being a horror head is someone that is different from the norm loves things that are abnormal. It kind of helps to escape the real horrors of the world is I get to venture into movies that are horrifying and scary to some. To me a movie that has a scene in it that catches me off guard and makes me jump I absolutely love it. But I haven't found one in a long time that has done that.ANYWAYS, that's, that's, that's all folks!

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My peeve is when people take it as a personal attack when someone voices their opinion....I am a huge horror fan and thought I had seen a  LOT of movies that is until I got on here....and some of you guys blow me away with your knowledge!  I am by no means a true horrorhead but I am a huge fan of horror....I am not an afficiando but I know what I like and dont like

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Horror fans are mostly a really cool and diverse group of folks, its hard to find many pet peeves for me, i think Hardcore Horror fans are genuinely more laid back for some reason, especially when compared to many Hardcore SciFi or Comic Book fans, who, at least in my history, have been FAR more judgemental and condescending to others who may not be as well versed as themselves,    @MR.B,  btw, I would say that you definetly rate as a horror afficianado, the fact that you like getting on fearnet proves that your a true horror fan as well!

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First let me start off by saying, what's up guys???? Been a long time since I've been on here. Nice to see all of the familiar faces on here. Hope everyone is doing well.


As for pet peeves. Kind of in the line of others on here, I hate it when someone thinks they are more of a horror fan because they like the older movies.  I’ve seen a lot, most, of the older stuff and movies that some say are great like the Fulci and Argento films. Not to offend anyone but I think a lot of them suck. I don’t like any of the Fulci films and very few of the Argento films. Bad/fake gore, terrible acting, just nothing at all that I found appealing. I’ll take a Romero zombie flick over a Fulci zombie flick any day. That doesn’t make me less of a true horror fan just because I don’t like that stuff. Just different tastes.

I’ve posted on this years ago so I won’t go to far into it but, I don’t think there is anything wrong with re-makes and some of them are better than the originals, The Thing and The Crazies just to name a couple.

These weren’t directed at anyone or any post that is already on here. I would have said the same thing if I had been the first one to post so I hope I didn’t offend anyone or make them feel as though I was talking about them.

Now, since I haven’t talked to any of you in a while. We went to the Motor City Nightmares here in Detroit a couple of weeks ago. Great time. Cool people. Got autographs and pics of Tony Todd, Sid Haig, Eileen Dietz, Michael Berryman, and Jonathan Breck. All of them really friendly. My wife did a shot of tequila with Tony Todd (I still don’t drink). Jonathan Breck was awesome. He must have sat and talked to us for 10 minutes. Kane Hodder and Bill Mosely were there also. Funny, Tiffany Shepis was there too. My kid (23 now) asked me who she was. I told him who she was and that she really isn’t the major star in anything. She is usually the chick running around with her top off. As soon as I said that he ran right over there and got her autograph and a picture with her. I will also tell you that she is way better looking in person than she is on film. Very pretty girl. Nice too.

Anyway, I don’t know that I’ll be able to get on here like I used to but I’m gong to try to drop by more often.



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