Any Horror movie suggestions?

Any Horror movie suggestions?

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I've ran out of movies to think of, I feel like I've seen just about everything. Does anyone have any GOOD Horror movies that you think I probably haven't seen? I'm more of a Zombie Horror fan, I've seen just about everything you could think of, I know there has to be other movies out there. Just need some help finding them.

If you can help, I'd surely appreciate it!Laughing

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don't know if you have seen these but here are some movies i have seen and really liked


Turistas Poster


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CONFESSIONS.jpgLOL!  i own well over 1000 horror films on DVD & i have seen thousands more & i am only scraping the barrel ... i never run out of films to watch  since you are a Z fan watch video dead/special dead/dellamorte dellamore/the beyond/highschool of the dead/houseby the cemetery/dead snow/ the dead/rammbok/trailer park of terror 

and if you are running out of American films i can help you get into foreign films 

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coming to the theater soon unfortunately they're not out yet

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for zombies try burial ground aka the nights of terror

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i watched this movie today and really like it


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get the HORDE out its fookin for real !!


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the unborn.jpgthis looks really gud x.jpg

i liked this film.....jpglooks good....jpg

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Hell yeah my dude!!! The Horde wuz soooo fuckin bad ass!!! Yall gotta see it if u havent!!!

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to tru blu!!!

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I've seen all of the new ones, I've seen the Horde. I haven't seen the movie with the asian chick on the cover though. I'm still gonna keep hunting. Thanks everyone for trying. Sealed


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