just saw CHERNOBYL DIARIES annnnnd.....

just saw CHERNOBYL DIARIES annnnnd.....

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I gotta say, after all the HORRIBLE reviews I read, I was expecting much worse. So let me just say a few things..... 

I think that for the most part, if you walked into this movie expecting something incredible and then was disapointed, you really need to re-evaluate your judgment. You should have expected roughly an hour and a half of re-hashed "the hills have eyes" esque suspense and horrible acting. It's a formula, and it keeps people coming to the movies. Furthermore, I find it interesting that people pay to go to a movie and then NOT enjoy it. No matter how bad it was, get your $10 worth.

Also, yes we get it. The people in the movie are stupid and if that were you, you would have done this or that.... Well, let me put this to you as simple as possible. No stupid decisions, no horror movie. I mean imagine a friday the thirteenth where all the cast was making the best possible decisions... it would be a pretty stupid fucking movie. Ya jason NOT killing people that's what I want to see... I realize that "they could have used more imagination when writing the script" or whatever.... but like I said, it's a formula and it has worked since the beginning. 

And you really have to give the movie some credit. It had some really great spooky shots. Awesome location and atmosphere, and the suspense scenes really weren't half bad. I would have liked to see more gore, but hey, they can't ALL be evil dead 2 now can they.

Basically what I want to say is... If you are going to see a movie that is obviously going to be a so-so movie, don't go in with delusions of gradure. I mean, you paid, sit down shut the fuck up and forget about your mortgage, work or whatever for an hour and a half and try to let the movie do it's thing. Otherwise, wait until something more promising like Promethius.

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you said it!!< think i will save my money and wait for something slightly more promising like PROMETHEUS,, much more promising!!!,,,the actual premise of chernobyl diaries is somewhat stupid and lame,, lets go to a disused nuclear waste plant, yes lets!!!LOL,, pathetic!!!AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrgggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!Yell



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PROMETHEUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fuck yeah!!!! cant wait.....didnt u say u get it earlier than us in the states?



All well said. I WONT PAY A DIME TO SEE AN OREN PELI MOVIE. When I can see it for free, I might. Or, most probably, NOT. He's a con man and a hack that just puts out derivative shit. I DID think it was funny that it looks like his media people went for a con and it was in the news that Chernobyl survivors were "horrified" and "protesting" the movies location. This was con man Peli trying to drum up interest for his mediocre shit.

He had tried claiming in the news and ads that his last Paranormal Craptivity 12 or whatever number it was, was banned by the Italian govt. cause "it was too scary" but the Italian govt. got pissed and went to the media to complain that they NEVER reviewed, rated nor even gave a shit about the movie and that it was a ploy to drum up interest.

Peli is just a con man milking the horror gig.


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Ya it was definitely a festering pile of shit, but like I said... I wasn't expecting gold. At the very least it was a good laugh. Cool seeing a movie filmed at the location I guess too. Was really stoked that it wasn't a hand cam "OMG Im so scared, now I'm gonna run... look at my feet..... *shaky cam*.... whew, that was a close call" sort of movie.


I have to admit though, I thought the idea behind paranormal activity  was pretty sweet. Whoever wrote the film definitely has SOME knowledge of the occult. I'm assuming the average movie goer however probably didn't relate to it.

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please explain????


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While a cool idea in general, I don’t think the cinema verite style they relied on helped it any. It was Found Footage by numbers and nothing more. Yes, Chernobyl would be perfect for a horror movie setting, but I think more along the lines of an atmospheric idea. I would have liked to see the past come to present through various ideas that tell a story of what happened, even though most know what happened. Focus more on the atmosphere and not simply because a place has a disaster and it looks creepy. That’s essentially what they were going for in this movie, and it felt hollow and clearly asinine.

However, I am not saying that these types of movies are all bad, because Quarantine/Rec and Chronicle did a damn good job, but it seems every movie that follows this genre has the same three redundant acts that leave you more frustrated than experiencing what these person had went through.

The characters were nothing more than avatars to tell you that something is scary or there’s fear present. I couldn’t relate to any of these characters, yearning for their death with each step they made.

The plot was something we’ve seen before “idiots seek out stupidly dangerous activity and run into trouble we knew was coming”. (You’d think they would learn from watching horror movies), but I rest my case, it was alright at best and left a lot to be desired.

You’d think with an atmosphere like that they could come up with something more creative than what was present, but I suppose they worked with what limited resources they had.

I think this genre should be move from horror and tackle stuff like fantasy or action, because it’s running on empty. It seems more appropriate and can be better suited for this genres.

Cinema Verite Style movies I did enjoy:




Troll Hunter

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