major melt down!!!

major melt down!!!

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I’m going through my mail, paying bills like we all do, and I open some bills I have never seen before. It’s a bill for 1,763.89….WTF… it is for, Beat Box, four of them. Little mini speakers that you can attach to any ipad, iPhone, MPs, laptops, computers kindles, almost anything. I went crazy! I walked from room to room to see what all my little darlings were doing. Everyone was on a cellphone.  They were all in their rooms with the TV’s on, the computers & laptops on, playing video games. The top of my head was on fire…I exploded! And that is not the worst part of it. The cable bill was over $500.00 dollars from all the movies they rented.

Then I walk downstairs and one of my little one’s is at the door holding my wallet to pay a pizza guy.....I sent the pizza guy away, went from room to room taking anything electronic. I rented a mini storage container, and it’s now in my driveway filled with all the electronics.

What I would like to do is have a yard sale and sell it all. I left one TV, and it’s in the living room. And I closed the pool….NO swimming either. I know there are lots of moms and dads on this site that can so relate to my major melt down. Plus when I pulled in the garage, I noticed a new bicycle that I didn’t buy. At this point I don’t know what I will or won’t give back to them. It is way too easy for kids to sit at a computer and purchase merchandise. Now that I have calmed down, I feel like I’m the monster. Fear moms & dads, Have you had a major melt down like this? Or I’m I the only crazy one?????

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Sounds just like that movie with Christina Applegate 'Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead'. When she found out her 'kids' had spent all the money she earned on a state of the art entertainment center complete with the entertainment, and the one boy bought his girlfriend a $500 diamond ring..

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WOW !!! welcome to the wounderful world of technology & parenthood !! such a wonderful thang isn't it??   It's almost like, well how do I say this< EVERY parent wants more 4 their kids than they had !! but within reason of course, a parent shouldn't have 2 do more than their part, give love & teach proper morals 2 survive in this world!!! I FEEL 4 you !!! mine learned long ago that I'm not the BANK of DAD!!! & earning things makes you apriaciate them more!!! you no old school!!

sorry 2 here of this, and I hope 4 the best outcome ?!! images (9).jpg 

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Hey Dakota,

Yep, I think that all of us parents with teens and preteens have gone through that meltdown. I have an 8 year old son and a 17 year old daughter (that are still living in the house more but they are grown and gone). My daughter let my son play a game on her cell phone. He asked her for her itunes password and without thinking she gave it to him. The next month I get a $600 bill. He was buying things for the stupid game from the website. Luckily for me I called and explained what happened and they dropped the charges. 

That actually wasn't that bad as far as a melt down for me though. My big meltdown was due to my daughter's facebook postings from her laptop. I couldn't do the same as the guy in this video (you've probably seen it) because of county ordinance on shooting but I did let her watch me destroy it with my bare hands. I feel for ya.


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it sounds like some sort of modern mutiny on your hands!


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well Im trying to sort out FEARNET.....goodness

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HELLO SAPPY, the only way I know how to contact you now is like this. I hope I get back all my shark pictures. I'm the type not to go crazy yet. I sure hope they get the pictures back. My profile page I'm kind of bummed but they said they will be able to put it back. I don't even know if you're going to get to read this or even if it's personal or public we will see. I don't even know what to do so I'm going to push this button and see what happens. Hopefully talk to you later. Changsha

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i can't post on anything and my photos and friends list is all gone

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I'm all confused at how Fearnet is. . .is everything in our world going crazy?

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Grab your guns and board up your windows everyone!!!! FEARNET IS DYING!!! WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON WITH THIS!!!???

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