the new fearnet

the new fearnet

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what is up with the new fearnet. all my pics and media is gone. my friend list is gone. i am having a hard time commenting on things and my discussion for horror elimination game round 4 is gone. i really don't want to start that discussion all over again. i am really upset over these changes and will not be on fear that much anymore until this is sorted out.

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yeah like fearnet has said , dont fookin panic, u got any of those chill pills neener!!??lol,, lets give it sometime maybe a couple of days and see how far they have got its the weekend now so they are going to be hanging out talking about how well they have fucked this place up for now laughing there asses off,, but come next week expect things to get back to normal well normal in the sense of how to get about this place and see whats going on again peace!!!


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Ive stocked up on my chill pills...hahahaha .......Goodness.....

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Give me a chill pill, I'm panikian, the only site I can hang around without being harassed by trolls now changed for the worse

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thats why i love this group the most because its troll free apart from neener LOL!!! All the other groups am in tend to be more active & have more discussions but you get flagged & shit & spell check police

i am praying they get this site running because i have invested shit loads of time in getting to know everyone & taking part i dont want to leave but not being able to see latest activity will stop me from being a member

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Thats exactly what I was going to say neener. . . . sniffle. . . . my chill pill pic is gone. . . . . . my pic of me suicide is also gone. . . . . . MY BLUE FOOKIN PRINT IS GONE. . . . . . sniffle. . . .

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i can't talk to any of my friends on here, i feel so lost without all my friends

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neener if u have ne of ur chill pills left i wud like sum plz!! idk how 2work things out,i dont feel right printing in black,an not havein my friends 2talk 2,so shona x

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I'm fuck'n lost !

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I can remember when logging on Fearnet would welcome me by my name...easy to get to profile, see whats up in the comunity, now "I feel like a little worm on a big fuckin hook" Help Fearnet "fans" get their shit back! I cant even update my profile!


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