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heres the link to rec 3: (rec 1 & 2 are on this site aswell) ENJOY!



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hey hope all is well with u??,i cant wait 4fear net 2get back 2normal,i do hope we dont have 2wait 2long!!!

love 2u,the kids an toffee x shona x


Hello SappyGirl ! You still ON my lovely ? Im checking in as there  was an open spot in the old computer room. I am avoiding the room as one of the guys has pissed me off enough to make me. . . . . . . . . anyway. Im out cooling off.


Im not loading pix per se. On some comments (not all, dont know why) you can copy/paste a pic which is what I have been doing to lighten the mood with a little savoir-faire. Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk. . . . . . btw. . . . have you even ever SEEN THE THREE STOOGES? You know, like CURLY, not like obama and friends.

You and the kids going to do anything for vaca? We have the 4th of July coming up. (INDEPENDENCE DAY) which is a joke to celebrate with these socialists in power these days. Should be fireworks and plenty of food on Wednesday.

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hey sappy how are you, i think the horror elimination game round 4 is ruined because of the copy/paste issue. it pastes into conversational format and not the way is was before. so i don't think alot of people are going to be interested in playing now, oh well we will see what happens. have a great day.



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Ill try to hang on idk fo how long tho shit better get right!! i dnt wanna lose my fear fam!!

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Luv ya alwayz MUAH!!


Yepper, I are here. Only for a few as I must get to the store before. . . . . ohoh.. . . . too late. OK. I ARE HERE. Cant wine for awhile still, lol. Demz rulze. How ya doin' hunny bunny?


Monsters are such INNNNTERESTING people. . . .





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