Mexico/foreign Medical Horror Stories

Mexico/foreign Medical Horror Stories

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Anyone have any personal medical horror stories from traveling in Mexico or other foreign countries?

I'm thinking about writing a spec screenplay involving a decision to receive more-than-minor medical attention in Cancun - or screw it - risk a full day's boating across the GOM to a coastal US city anywhere between Galveston to Tampa.


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cancun isnt known for this stuff...its tijuana ( TJ ) but i can look around see if i can find anything for u true stories i mean



No personal BUT you just have to look into the 100+ women that were quietly murdered and buried by a BUNCH of guys who thought murder and rape was no biggie. There is also the advice I was given by a recently made American citizen immigrant that no non-Mexican should EVER go "off on their own" to visit hidden ruins etc. in the Mexican jungle/woods. There is also the kidnapping every less than a minute. Take your pick. Lots of bad shit happening to folks down there, very much including the good citizens living there.

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