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I also dont like the way the personal comments that are newest show up at the BOTTOM of the list! WTF is that crap?



I just COPY the pic from another site and then PASTE it here. RIGHT CLICK/COPY. . . . . RIGHT CLICK/PASTE.


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thought id say hi been a spell so i thought id ccheck in...Hope things are well my friend....

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HI Shona

I finally get to contact you. I sure don't like this either but who knows what's in store for us if we don't ride this out. I've met a lot of good people here. The way I look at it is if that wasn't for fear I would have never met you or any of my other friends. I'm going to stick it out because my friends are that important to me. Sure it's fun to do stuff with pictures, blogs, and our pages but the most important thing for me is to be in contact with my friends. I hope you stick around.

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im still hanging in here  buying time till things improve and we get are things back ,im just not on that much anymore ,just thought id stop in say hi to all my friends love yea guys  hope we get some normal-see back to all this  miss each and everone of yea later ....

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 wow it's just like getting out of jail ?? me & a few others were stuck in the colapsing old fear what a change from here & there I'm not sure I like it tho will take some time 2 get used 2 if you no what I mean?? have you seen sassy ?? or big joe ? 

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Well hello, Shona-sure is glad to see you! Things over here are REALLY in a mess-sure good to see a dear friend. Hope things are treating you good. Spooky and I are doing alright. We can't say what we really want to here without everyone knowing what was said, but we have email off site and we have the phone, so it's not too bad. So how are you getting along here, or need I

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hey shona, yeah for a little while i couldn't get onto the site and than everything was okay. i sure hope they hurry up with getting our profiles back and other things. i miss not being able to decorate my page lol with my favorite horror villian Jason Vorhees. hope things are good with you. talk to you later.



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Hello sweety just poping on to say hello and have a great weekend xoxoxox miss you....


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