Finally something SCARY ? The new FEARnet.

Finally something SCARY ? The new FEARnet.


OK. Things dont look so good. Bugs and glitches and they still have to finish what they started in rebuilding (depending on your point of view) the site. PATIENCE. This is home to many of us horror heads. Its a haven for funny shit, horror shit, wacky shit in a mostly civilized (in a GOOD WAY) manner with all kinds of opinions pro and con. Admin stated there were changes and they were only half way done. Lets give them a chance to finish, check it out, THEN bitch, lol. We might like it, we might not but until they finish, it aint really fair. Very disconcerting, but life aint a bowl of cherries. I know Admin listens and does what he can for us within limits of his job so, give him feedback and see what happens. What I dislike the MOST is the lack of the "Activities " Page where we could see at a glance, who was discussing/blogging WHAT, who was adding pix/friends/commenting, what new pix/vids/members were being added. That gave a sense of community in that it felt like other people were on the site WITH you communicating whereas now it feels like I am in a box without a clue who is where doing what. We might see (now) the LAST person that made a comment but before, we could see a few people doing something at any given time, a much more "fearnet party/community" feeling. Thats just my two bits. Hang in there gang. FEARnet and horror are better than therapy.

Remember there is no such thing as a "bad dog". Its all a misunderstanding of a specific incident.

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come on KLONZ you've delt with a messt up machine & all the probs there !! & still you got on the FEAR !!!alot of peeps have had computer probs!! & still got on the FEAR!!!
so what I am trying 2 say is, right now or at least till they get the bugs worked !! it,s like a sick machine ??!! we all got used 2 the way the old site worked even with the glitches !!! & yes the past week or more there have been a few more 2 deal with!!!! I was getting used 2 the other warped reality ( silent hill ) as HF called it !!! but now I'm here & I'm at least willing 2 try & figure things out all over AGAIN!!! there are alot of peeps here & I do believe that WE will get our stuff back !!!

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Well, I was finally able to get in & so far I don't care much for what I'm seeing. Lot's of stuff is still missing for me. Don't know if that's my problem or the new site. For instance under this is a blank box. I am assuming this is where you click to enter. We will find out in a few moments.
One of the biggest things I do NOT like is that people that are not members can read your blogs & comments. I still could see this when it wouldn't let me log in. In order to leave a comment you had to be logged in. This means the general public can just come & snoop. I don't like this. Felt this should be a members ONLY feature. I know nothing is private on the internet, but felt that what I had to say would only be viewed by fellow fearnetters & not just someone at large. Hope they change this feature back to private viewing.
I also agree I liked to be able to see at a glance who was on & what they were talking about. I don't know who left me messages or anything about the pictures yet.
So far, this is hurting my little brain. It wouldn't even be good zombie food at the moment 'cause I think it is sizzling with an overload of confusion! When I was in the "Silent Hills" as HF called it I felt like a Ghost. Now that I am in, I still feel like I'm in another demension & it is loney as hell here.
Thanks to admin for finally getting me in, but I am still Lost! I hope once the fog parts we will all be able to find each other again.


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