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Tag....YOUR IT.....


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could you send me some of the other sites for horror that you would recomend, not leaving fear just cuurios what else is out there. thanks


Hiya mate ! Hey bud. . . . I think that killer clown pic I put up in the discussion is perfect for your profile pic ! Feel free to use it. Good to see you onsite.

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I hope they bring back activity page soon. I am using your post to check in & out - good idea btw. 

Don't know if you saw my post about how ANYBODY can read what everybody posts-they just can't comment if they are not logged in. I noticed this when it wouldn't let me enter the site. I do not like this feature at all as I feel the blogs & messages should be for member eyes only.

It is tough hanging in here but I will persevere. I hope you decide to stay too. I always got a smirk on my face from reading your posts & would miss your pithy remarks.

It's National Chocolate Day! Here's were I would put a pic of a chocolate martini, but I don't know how. So Happy Chocolate Day!

All this gobbledygook  under this about rich-text & bright cove video might help all you who grew up with computers, but I have no idea what any of it means!! I guess I am just one of the unenlightened! 

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BTW, I love your new clown pic you got from Hellfighter! 

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Lol I was shocked when I logged on bout 2-3 days ago and EVERYTHING was so different!! :O

I can't wait till we can view photo's again, and everythings running more easy and normal.

I do like the replying to comments, it's easier to reply having them on the same page :)

Hehe been waiting for that movie for AGES! Can't wait for it!


Catchya! :D 



The profile pic looks fookin' AWESOME if I DO say so myself. Def YOU.

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Thank you for links sweets hope you are well xo



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Glad to see you back man!


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