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thanks for that beautiful pic you left on my profile, the other one didn't show up, bummer, how is your day going, you should put a pic of yourself back on your profile, you are so beautiful, anyways have a great day. if you ever want to video chat let me know, i have skype and would love to chat with you.

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its gud 2know all is well with u!!, i cant wait 4this fear 2get back 2normal,so we can start 2decorate our pages again!!,idk if this programe is ur type of thing but last nite we had a show start called britan an irelands next top model,were they take 20 girls an each week 1 gets voted off an the winner gets a modling contract, magazine covers etc,its ok,it is hosted by elle mcpherson,an the judges on it are tyson beckford,witney port an julian macdonald who is a very famous designer over here....... love shona x x x

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 you still there ? i no it's hard 2 find peeps here anymore thats why I put that blog on there cause with the new reply peeps mite be able 2 keep in contct till they get things back 2 the norm. SO I DO BOUNCH AROUND  but I figured with one place 2 go we all mite be able 2 find one another??!!!


Everytime I try to get on here, Im on for a minute and have to leave for shite out here in "minimum security land", lol. How ya doin' sweets ?


Love that you are TO THE POINT, and loyal and true. Im kinda STUCK "representing" and am forced to walk a fine line. Something for me to think about next time. Hope you are having a great week sweetie.

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Just stopping by to say  i am still on fear,hopefully we can get these pages back to our controll and a return to custum pages. hate not knowing who is here!!! ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway stopped and called on you, hope you have a great day.

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Very cute kitten gif!! Love it hehe hope you enjoy all these :D All is good with me thank you :) and you??










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zombie wonder woman dont like crack heads, good for her , !!! nice pic that of ole zww, like it !!!! have an extreemly satisfying day !!!!

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This time I take to write to you is a special moment in life,that I set aside just for you!

Thinking and wondering how you are,even though we live miles apart.Hopeing your safe and things are going well,keeping you in my thoughts and always wishing you well!

My night has ended,even though my day is threw, I will still think of you my friend so be safe and well and I will speak to you again soon!!

Have a beautiful Day!!  A Changsha Original.

























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