TV Recap: 'Lost Girl' Episode 212 - 'Masks'


Lost Girl Episode 212
Written By: Grant Rosenberg
Directed By: Lee Rose
Original  Airdate: 9 July 2012

In This Episode...

Bo pays the Ash a visit. He has gone through the old Ash’s journals and discovered that the old Ash was the one who paid to have the curse placed on Nadia. He needed Lauren indebted to him so she would cure the fae fever. Bo must visit Tshombe, a dark fae mystic in the Congo. He is the one who placed the curse for the Ash. Bo zaps to the Congo by way of a fae travel agent, who essentially moves time and space to get Bo where she wants to go in the blink of an eye. In this case, she ends up at the door to Tshombe’s hut. Tshombe will remove the curse, but first Bo must retrieve a healing mask, stolen by a fae called a Preta, who lives in Madagascar. Bo makes a quick stop at home to pick up Dyson as backup, and the two travel to Madagascar.

In Madagascar they meet Preta, a thief fae. Bo offers a bracelet - one that Trick gave to her, that belonged to his late wife - in exchange for the mask. Preta agrees to the trade, but Bo must retrieve the mask herself. The Preta’s curse is that he can steal treasures, but once he brings them to his lair, if he should touch them, they turn to sand. Additionally, that sand, should it touch anything, will turn that object into sand. Bo must wend her way through piles of sand to get to the mask. If she touches the sand, she turns to sand. Dyson quickly realizes that a blanket on the floor - made of the same fabric the Preta wears - is immune to the effects of the sand. The Preta kicks up a sandstorm. Bo hides under the blanket while Dyson throws treasures at the Preta, turning them all to sand until he falls over. The two escape with the mask and a pouch full of deadly sand.

Dyson goes home, and Bo goes back to the Congo, where she finds Tshombe already dead. She puts the mask on him. It absorbs into his skin and revives him. True to his work, Tshombe grants Bo the power to remove Nadia’s nail and therefore, the curse. She does so. At the same time, back home, Nadia wakes from her bubble, refreshed and healthy, as if nothing ever happened. While she is there, Bo pulls a handful of other nails out of the wall, believing that Tshombe has no right to curse innocents. He insists that not all are innocents, which blatantly sets up future episodes, where uncursed people will surely wreak havoc. Bo uses the sand to disintegrate a pile of nails waiting to carry their own curse, and leaves the infuriated Tshombe.

Back home, Kenzi throws Bo a surprise birthday party. For some reason, Bo is surprised and saddened to see Lauren and Nadia together. A mystery man stops by with a gift from “an admirer.” It is a golden cuff, with a strange runic etching engraved inside. With nothing further, the man leaves. 

Also: Nate, Kenzi’s childhood crush, shows up in response to Kenzi’s ad for musicians for the party. They reconnect. Ciara buys a mansion for her and Dyson to live in - which stresses Dyson out, as he can’t work out his feelings. And Lauren, now that Nadia is well, re-devotes herself to the Ash.

Dig It or Bury It?

Just another average episode. It wasn’t great; it wasn’t terrible. It just was. It felt flat. 

Fae Tales

The Preta is an extremely greedy fae. Their curse is they cannot have any of what they desire. So a Preta might have an unslakable thirst, but the moment water touches its lips, it evaporates; or the Preta might be ravenously hungry, but unable to swallow. This Preta desires treasures (antiques, sculptures, jewels, etc) but must touch the object to fully enjoy it. If he touches it, it turns to sand, and it cannot be enjoyed at all - this is his curse.


Trick looks into the future, and may reveal too much to the wrong fae.