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I hope you don't decide to leave!

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Yeah, I wont, I'm kinda getting used to this new site, plus the admin say that we will beadle to customize oure profiles soon.

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hey zombieman thanks for the nice comment about my profile pic. i am not happy about these changes especially the thumbs up/down option on the boards. i feel this will drive alot of people away because i have noticed that peoples' comments that have nothing to do with liking or disliking a movie are getting thumbed down for no reason. i for one can't stand trolls and really hope that these new changes don't bring in trolls full force. other than that i am trying to adjust but i am having a hard time. hope you have a great day zombieman and talk to you later.





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Hi Zombieman How are you feeling?? Hope you are on the mend now....How u liking the New Fearnet?

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Hey Z man

how you doing? How's the ticker? Are you up to walking now? Is it true that you can't stand in front of the microwave when it's running with a pacemaker? I can't remember if that was true or not. I hope this is all worth the wait for this new site. The only way I can talk to people is when I see their profile picture then I can talk with them. Hope Your doing good man drop me a line Let me know how you Are doing. Later

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 hey going through the boards catching up!!! wow the past week has been realy wierd ?? stuck in the other fear universe with only 5 of us was strange!!! now here WOW even wierder ? at least there we could post pics & stuff, but I degress!! saw that you went fishing mon. sucks you didn't get any !!! I'm going 2day throo sun. again, trot lineing !! but can't post if I do catch unless they fix !?? have a GREAT weekend brother !!!! 

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hey zombieman, hope you are feeling okay, i defienelty can'tt wait for the new child's play movie, well i will talk to you later


. . . . . Did she meet the family yet ? ?



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