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The mis-titled COLD STORAGE has made rounds again at FEARnet.

Umm... Only in the most liberal senses is COLD STORAGE a horror movie. It's more like a low burn (not slow burn) thriller similar to POPULATION 436. (

Honestly, for a est. $900k budget the filmmakers did fairly well. Shot with a Sony HDW-F900 ( the image quality is fair enough, and certainly better than what Uwe Boll achieved with more expensive equipment and eleven times the budget on 'BloodRayne: The Third Reich.' (

IMDB reviews have been kind, but don't get me wrong, it's not a 'bad' film, per sé. It just should be viewed in context of its budget and production crew's experience, which is little. 

Necrophilia is not on the agenda, so don't get too worked up over the premise as described in the logline/teaser.

It's a mental health story. In fact, the other story it most reminds me of is 'Defendor' (, which bookends nice with 'Super' ( And if you really wanna go how wild off the non-horror mental health beaten path, 'Lars and the Real Girl' (

Spend a weekend watching these four and you might need to have your doc call you in a week of antidepressants. Ha!

Little gore. Some fair practical effects. The opening sequence could be chucked. And the title is evidence of a complete mental impasse of the writer/producer/distributor. There's very little in the story germane to being stuck in a residential freezer unit. Beats the sh!t outta me. Whatever.

Okay. Seriously. This image hasn't a GD thing to do with the film.

Effin' marketers.

I wouldn't recommend watching this, but I wouldn't advise anyone to NOT watch it, either. You probably just have better entertainment options available is what I'm getting at.




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Don't know if those thumbs up or down are for the film - or - for what I had to say about it.

Would be good to know which for future reference  - as I plan on watching quite a few of these, both online and on demand.  ;-)


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Tony Elwood……Feature Film Producer Credits:

Cold Storage - 2009

Night Feeders - 2006

Dead Bodies - (short) 1998

Roadkill (aka Roadkill USA) - 1993

Killer – 1989

I would also like to say, I enjoy his work. Low-budget or not. Glad he’s in the  horror/thriller genre. I have a room filled with low-budget film, and I enjoy every one of them…..I liked this film...

Wasn’t great...But wasn’t bad.


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