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OMG! Unbelieveable! Man Rapes Dog!


Is there no end to the insanity that is out there? Came across this while looking up info on my friend who was hit by a car (hit & run) & her service dog was killed.

A Milwaukee man is facing charges after allegedly raping his neighbor's dog.

It came to light after a woman set up a webcam in her south side home.

Maribel Sanchez was watching a closed circuit monitor in her kitchen when she caught the man, whom she hired to lay brick, having sex with her pet dog, Diego.

Police performed a rape kit on the dog.

58-year-old Jose Mora is charged with 2 counts of sexual gratification, mistreating animals, dognapping, and disorderly conduct. He is out on bond.

MILWAUKEE-A man has now entered a plea deal in the case involving the rape of a pet dog.

58 year old Jose Mora agreed to plead guilty to three counts and, in exchange, other charges were dropped.

On Monday, Mora admitted to sexual gratification with an animal, intentional mistreatment and disorderly conduct.

The case came to light back in March when a Milwaukee woman caught Mora on a garage security camera assaulting her dog Diego.

"I'm feeling at least happy that he plead guilty that he admitted to it," Maribel Murillo, The dog's owner tells CBS 58, "Diego is still kind of shaken up. I think it's gonna take time, love, and affection to get over this. Just as any other rape case."

 Jose Mora was sentenced Tuesday to serve 7 months in the house of corrections for raping a neighbor's dog.

A local woman caught Mora on garage security cameras assaulting her 1 year-old German Shepherd.

Mora pleaded guilty to three counts in exchange for two other charges being dropped.

Mora will likely be deported back to Mexico after serving his sentence.